6 Effective Winter Hair Care Tips

Effective Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter is about to set in. If you are starting to thank your favorites for putting an end to all sun harm resulting madness, then go right first. But if you want to thank your favorites for putting an end to all your hair problems, then hit the obstacles right now! Summer problems might be gone but winter would bring in an all-new set of distress for sure.

While you might want to think that you are saved from the burning heat & radiation, we ensure you that it is only the sweltering heat that is gone. It is accurately known fact that the radiation that flows into our environment in the summers flows in during the winters too. And that connected with the dryness in the air, Everyone will say hellos to all these problems like dandruff, inactive, frizz, and so on that are quite able of making those bad hair days a lot more common. But making a few specific things for the hair particularly in winter, will aid with damage control & give you hair that is meant to be shown off! Below explained are few Effective Winter Hair Care Tips.

Natural hair care in winter

1. Combat Dandruff

Winters make the scalp go dry & itchy, & with little moisture in the atmosphere, the scalp would start getting flaky & extra dry, beginning to dandruff. So how to take care of the hair in winter? Heat or warm up the hair oil & mix it with some lemon juice juiced out of a fresh lemon. Alternatively, one can opt to apply this lemon juice on the scalp first, rubbing it over & through the scalp, and then massage thoroughly with the heated hair oil. Read more  How to Get Rid of Dandruff

2. Managing Frizzy Hair

Winter is a time when there is too much latent happening around you. From the pullovers & sweaters, you wear the clothes, caps & gloves, everything would cause inactive around you which in turn, points to frizzy hair. When combing the hair, use a released hairbrush that has a compound of plastic & hog bristles. Rinse your hair only with the lukewarm water, not hot water, as the end will further dry out the scalp. Use a leave-in conditioner to keep hair smooth.

3. Securing Shine and Bounce

In winters, with additional drying of the scalp & with frizz, the hair can serve to lose a lot of its shine & bounce. Brush the hair to remove knots and employ honey over the roots and hair. Cover up the hair in a shower cap or towel & leave it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. This would help revive shine & bounce to dull hair. The method that one can not avoid when your planning for winter hair care.

4. Olive Oil: Sustaining Hair Health

Warm 2 teaspoons of an olive oil & massage it slowly through the scalp. This slow massaging stimulates the oil to penetrate deep into the roots of a scalp. A warm olive oil massage would give the hair shine & exclude dandruff and frizz whilst also regulating hair breakage.

Winter hair care tips for dry hair home remedies

Effective Winter Hair Care Tips

5. Dry your hair: Do it right

Winters are particularly difficult for making your hair get totally dry after a rinse, but if you think it is okay to have a piece of wet hair & still tie it up, think again. Hair that is not wiped out properly can drive to a host of obstacles for your hair & scalp, notably so in the winters. So whether you take those extra minutes to use the hair dryer or whether you give yourself some more time that leaves you time to air-dry the hair generally, it is crucial you make sure it happens.

6. Conditioning: Do it right

While conditioning the hair is remarkably important in the winters to give it that added moisture, one more thing you can do is add some of the conditioning hair oils to the conditioner. Use oils that you are satisfied with, particularly those that are non-greasy, & leave it on for about 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Read more about Dry Hair Kitchen Treatments

During winter season so light oils/products may not be as effective. Follow these winter hair care tips to ease out all hair related problems

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