4 Ways of Protecting Older Dogs from Injuries

4 Ways of Protecting Older Dogs from Injuries

Every pet owner knows that puppy is so loveable that it becomes part of one’s family. Having a dog is a pleasure but one must ensure that it is also well-protected from injuries and this one has to take good care of it.

The lifespan of the dog depends upon several factors but after the certain age, it is considered a senior.

Smaller dogs are indeed considered to be geriatric at the age of 7, while the larger breed dogs are indeed considered to be geriatric at approximately 6 years of age.

Care for older dogs:

Older dogs do need special attention and care. As one takes care of human beings, one also has to take care of dogs. As human beings develop health issues as they grow older, similarly a dog also requires medical care, as it suffers from cancer, heart disease, kidney or urinary tract disease, liver disease, diabetes, joint or bone disease, senility as well as weakness.

Such health problems do make dogs feel weak and become prone to various injuries and falls. Even an older dog falling down can suffer from bone injuries. Even a small injury or fall at this stage in life one can make it difficult for one’s pet to lead a healthy life.

4 Ways of Protecting Older Dogs from Injuries1. Make the Floors Safe

Older dogs can injure themselves by falling on the floor and can suffer from mild bruises to serious ones. Sometimes a surgery may be required. Proper medical care has to be provided for so that the pet recovers comfortably.

One must make sure that the floors are safe for the dog as well to walk.

One can go in for laminate, tile and hardwood floors that will be smooth to walk upon.

2. Block Access to Stairs

It is better to bock the access to the stairs as the dog may slip and fall. It can lead to leg or hip or back injuries which the dog has to bear for sometime till it recovers from the discomfort and pain.

Taking the dogs down the stairs is also a risky affair as the dog can slip and fall down the stairs. If it is suffering from arthritis it has to be all the more careful. It can be fatal fall as well. Make sure all the windows and doors are closed so that the dog does not go outside on the road on its own for the stroll.

3. Use Ramps

Older dogs do suffer from joint pains and find it difficult to climb stairs and play around. They may fall accidentally and hurt themselves badly. The older ones do suffer from arthritis and joint problems that does cause a lot of pain. One can build ramps so that the dog can use it to go up. It causes less strain on the dog’s legs. Ramps can make it much easier for the older dog to climb up on furniture or even beds. Ramps can be used for helping the pet get into the car or out of it. One must make use of ramps with the non-skid surface. One must train one’s pet to use the ramp.

4. Avoid Rearranging Furniture

Avoid rearranging your furniture as the pet is used to furnishing being in particular place. They may hurt themselves while running around. The dog may just get disoriented. Your intention may be that by rearranging the furniture the dog will feel comfortable moving around.

For example, by moving the sofa to another place, it is possible that the dog may bump into it accidentally. Try to keep the furniture in the same place.

Older dogs often have poor vision and their walking path must be clear. They follow the same pattern of the area to be walked in and it is better to avoid placing furniture in that area.

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