10 Severe Effects Of Eating Too Much Sugar

symptoms of eating too much sugar

symptoms of eating too much sugar

You all know that sugar & chocolates can head to cavities, but did you know that too much consumption of sugar can raise the risk of contracting Alzheimer’s or cause deficiency of nutrients? Well, it is true. Consuming sugar can do more than just give the cavities & trigger diabetes.

Read this article and find out the ten Severe effects of eating too much sugar:

1. Cavities:

As we discussed above, sugar can lead to the cavities. Tooth decay occurred when bacteria were lining the teeth stuff on simple sugars, creating an acid that ruins the enamel. Counter to popular belief, sour sweets are worse for the teeth than sweet ones as they hold more acid.

2. Unwanted Weight Gain:

It is another dangerous effect of consuming too much sugar. Sugary foods had crammed with calories that are not sufficient to satiate the hunger. The best method to lessen weight is to reduce the amount of sugar intake.

3. Insulin Resistance:

Having too much sugar points to insulin resistance, & the body can demand more insulin. As insulin levels soar, glucose deteriorates in the blood. Insulin immunity can lead to various symptoms of exhaustion, hypertension, & hunger. It can also cause severe complications in diabetic people. Read more on Ten low-calorie, high-protein foods you should try

4. Diabetes:

One would have heard the joke about the ant that did not have sugar as it had diabetes. Additionally, if you have not heard of the joke, accurately, you can develop the risk of contracting type-2 diabetes if you eat too much sugar. Studies have found that that drinking soda can happen in you gaining weight & even chances of getting type-2 diabetes.

5. Continuously Hungry:

Having too much sugar can induce leptin protection in the body. It is dangerous, as leptin is the hormone that warns the brain that you are full. If you suffer from the leptin resistance, the body does not receive this “I’m full” warn, which can lead to eating more & creates dangerous weight control issues.

Studies on rats incorporate that eating too much fructose can change levels of leptin, which decreases the body’s sensitivity to it. When fructose has eliminated from the rats’ diet, these effects were modified.

6. Obesity:

Overeating can make you obese, & overeating sugar is apparently the worst thing to do. Obesity has associated with high amounts of sugar in the diet.

7. Heart Disease:

Heart disease is the common condition that can harm anyone. Depending on the cause & the factors pointing to it, one can experience MI, stroke or even light pulsations. Having too much sugar is dangerous for people with the inclination towards heart disease. Studies conclude that too much sugar can improve the risk of contracting heart disease, particularly in women.

symptoms of eating too much sugar 8. Hypertension:

Regularly eating too much salt can point to high blood pressure & extremely high blood pressure. Although, consuming too much sugar is not any healthier. In fact, eating large amounts of sugar every day can point to the high blood pressure.

9. Cognitive Decline:

There have been many comparisons that have associated obesity & diabetes to cognitive decay & Alzheimer’s. As obesity & diabetes frequently occur due to overconsumption of sugar, extra sugar can lead to cognitive decline.

10. Nutritional Deficiency:

People drive to get their energy & calories from sugary liquids & energy drinks. Though, extra sugar consumption can guide to lack of nutrients as the body only depends on these drinks & sweet foods to create energy. Studies concluded that when humans get 18 percent of the total calorie amount from sugar, they normally have low levels of necessary nutrients like Vitamin A, iron, Vitamin C, calcium, & folate.

So, now that you should know the impacts of consuming too much sugar, it is apparently the time to change over to those fruit juices rather of the favorite can of soda. Also, tell us how you decreased the sugar intake. Leave a comment in below box.
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