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Simple Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Simple tattoo designs are the design of tattoo that several people favor doing. For a long time, people now know about the tattoo. From ancient people till the modern people, all of them know regarding the tattoo. And now, tattoo becomes the lifestyle and trending of individuals. There are many designs of the tattoo, from the simple design to the composite one. Normally, the design of tattoo has inspired by the animals (giraffe, bird, butterfly, and others, plants, house, flowers, and all these are available in nature. And these also inspired by some motivation words & poetry. And, many people, women, and Hollywood actresses like to write their name of their love. Nowadays Katy Perry tattoos designs and becoming famous as she likes to get tattoos.

Simple Tattoo Ideas For Women

There are some examples of simple tattoo designs, & for each design, it has the distinct meaning. The Egyptian tattoo design became famous and inspired by many of the stars and celebrities. For women, they often use the jewellery as their tattoo. As, women life cannot depart from the jewelry like the bracelet, neck, & ring. All of the designs below given are the simple one.

1. A small tattoo tree wrist:

Simple Tattoo DesignsMost of the people who like small and simple tattoo designs will normally have it on your wrist. You will view more small and quick tattoo ideas & designs in the following photos.

2. Planets tattoo designs:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThese tattoos will look excellent if you get these planet tattoo designs colored, particularly if you have fair skin.

3. Paper plane small tattoo ideas:

Simple Tattoo DesignsIf you are a person, who want to sticks on to the memories from childhood? Who has not made the paper plane before? The paper airplane tattoo is now famous.

4. Music note tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsIf you like the designs of music notes tattoos, Here you have the sample of photos related to many music notes which look simple and attractive.

5. Fruit Tattoo Design:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThe includes the fruit tattoo designs like strawberry, apple, grapes, bananas, etc., which looks great when those has filled with colors.

6. Guitar symbol tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThese tattoos look very original & unique. I’m very sure that when you make these, you will agree with me.

7. Star Gazer tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsStare at the world & enjoy the consciousness you would notice when the girl does with this beautiful tattoo on the body.

8. Rocket Science tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThis tattoo design looks different when you get that gives the stunning and attractive look.

9. Chili Pepper Tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThough looks this tattoo small & simple, the chili pepper is the hot one and the fun little discussion starter to kick.

10. Finger Bow Tattoo Design:

Simple Tattoo DesignsForget to tie the string around your finger & choose for the beautiful bow tattoo rather.

11. Tiny Coffee Tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsAny caffeine enthusiast would love this little coffee tattoo; it is the simple tattoo, but so charming and adorable.

12. Heartbeat Wrist Tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThese became trending nowadays, and people are fond of it. Heartbeat tattoo designs are becoming very popular, but they are still one of the easiest tattoos out there

13. Best Henna Tattoo Design

Simple Tattoo DesignsNowadays, Younger people are fond of these henna tattoo designs as it is very pure art to apply. Henna tattoos have expanded its reputation, particularly among the young people. Now a days belly Henna designs are also became famous.

14. Flying Bird Henna Tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsThese tattoos are the symbol of freedom as the birds will fly freely across the world. Added usually used a design for a henna tattoo is birds comprising swallow, hummingbird, Peacock, and others.

15. Giraffe Henna Tattoo:

Simple Tattoo DesignsWomen’s tattoos are smaller compared to men. This design is suitable for men and looks nice for them.

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