8 most famous Katy Perry tattoo

Katy Perry tattoo

Katy Perry has become a popular name today as the lady is an actress, singer, and songwriter, a philanthropist as well as a businesswoman – all at the same time. Her music has taken the world by storm. Another factor which has made Katy Perry more popular is her tattoos called ‘Katy Perry tattoo’. Let us take a look at some of the interesting tattoos, which Katy Perry sports:

1. Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The outer side of her right ankle has the tattoo of a cherry blossom. In traditional Japanese tattoo art, cherry blossoms have an important place. The design signifies the concept of the transience of life. Katy Perry got the tattoo in 2013.

Katy Perry tattoo
2. Sanskrit Tattoo

Check the insides of the right biceps of Katy Perry and you can find a Sanskrit tattoo reading ‘Anuugacchati Pravaha’ inked there. The meaning of the tattoo is ‘go with the flow’ in Sanskrit. It was in 2010 that Katy Perry and her then-fiancé Russell Brand got the same tattoo on their biceps.

Katy Perry tattoo

3. Jesus Tattoo

The ‘Jesus’ tattoo is the oldest tattoo that Katy Perry has. Inked on her left wrist, Perry got this tattoo when she was just 18 years old. This tattoo is a reminder of the religious upbringing that the lady had. Her religious feelings get displayed through the tattoo.

Katy Perry tattoo

Famous Katy Perry Tattoo

4. Strawberry Tattoo

The smiling strawberry tattoo on the inside of the left ankle is a favorite tattoo of Katy Perry. The cartoonish tattoo was made to celebrate the most amazing 15 months that the artist had. Precisely, the tattoo was dedicated to the success of her album ‘One of the Boys’. In fact, strawberry props were also used on stage in many of her shows.

Katy Perry tattoo

5. Peppermint tattoo

Check the inside of the right ankle of Katy Perry and you will find a cute smiling cartoon peppermint candy. So both her ankles have cartoonish characters related to fruits and are pretty interesting. The peppermint cartoon refers to her candy-themed album cycle ‘Teenage Dream’ and California Dreams Tour. Along with peppermint tattoo, peppermint costumes were also adorned by Perry on many shows.

Katy Perry tattoo

6. Hello Kitty Tattoo

 This is the latest tattoo that Katy Perry has. The tattoo with Hello Kitty’s head can be seen on the side of the middle finger on her right hand. She got this tattoo done on her 30th birthday and interestingly, the date matches with the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty as well. So this tattoo is definitely special.

Katy Perry tattoo

7. Lotus Tattoo

 The right-hand wrist of Katy Perry has the lotus tattoo inked. This was done in January 2012. Lotus has great significance and the symbol is quite a strong one. It stands for beauty, purity as well as detachment. Inked right after her divorce from Russell Brand, the tattoo symbolized her clarity post-separation.

Katy Perry tattoo

8. Rainbow Triangle Tattoo

The colorful prism tattoo on her ankle is for commemorating the Prismatic world tour which she took in 2015. This tattoo has gained eyeballs from across the world.

Katy Perry tattoo

These tattoos are really fascinating and help in making a great style statement.

The above are the 8 most famous Katy Perry tattoo


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