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8 Hair Care Myths And Facts

8 Hair Care Myths And Facts

Most of us believe in many of the hair myths. Most of us are normally worried about common hair problems like dandruff, hair fall & grey hair. That is why most of the common hair myths are related to those hair problems.

Of course, there is the reason why some myths are circulated. For example, plucking hair is not a healthy habit. It will spoil the root of the lock. So, to prevent us from doing so, elders may have come up with the myth which says that grey hair multiplies if one is plucked.

This way, there are some common hair care myths in the circulation everywhere in the world. In this post, let us discuss about the few of such myths & expose them. 8 Hair Care Myths And Facts

Myth : 1

Most of us are convinced that plucking grey hair would increase their numbers. Although this is just a myth, there are still reasons to avoid plucking hairs. Doing so may affect roots of the hair or even will result in an infection.

Myth : 2

Some say that using cold water will make the hair shiny. This is found out to be false.

Myth : 3

Although hair colour will damage the strands, using gentle products might be safer.

Myth : 4

Some remedies or hair products can repair split ends. This is another myth. Split ends must be trimmed.

Myth : 5

Some believe that leaving wet hair for long might cause cold. Actually, cold is caused by the virus, not the wetness of hair.

Myth : 6

Most of us conclude that the dandruff means particles of scalp that went dry. But actually, it is a condition that is caused by yeast. Sometimes, even stress can trigger condition.

Myth : 7

Another myth in the circulation: stress can lead to the grey hair. Honestly speaking, genetics contribute more to grey hair.

Myth : 8

Those with greasy hair must avoid using a conditioner. Well, this is another myth. Greasiness on scalp has nothing to do with the use of conditioners.

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