Health Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

Health Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

Health Benefits Of Abdominal Massage

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Abdominal massage has been used since ancient times. It supports health & keeps you in the good state of health. It is also used to get relief from the pain, stress and to increase the functioning of the digestive tract.

Massage on the belly does not need hard work & you can do it every day very easily to be both physically & mentally fit.

To perform abdominal massage, lie flat on the back on a mat or a bed. Lift the clothings to expose the belly to get skin to skin contact with the belly. Now rub the hands with one another to make them warm. You can do this for thirty seconds.

Now, place the fingers on the navel & start to rub the belly firmly (but not too hard). You can rub & massage in a circular motion (outward from the navel).

Make about 30 – 40 circles of motion on the abdomen for just 3 minutes. Feel the warmth, relax & focus the mind. You are done with the abdominal massage.

This 3 minute abdominal massage just 1 week has many health benefits, let us have a look.

Health Benefits Of Abdominal MassageWeight Loss

Abdominal massage not only is good for the abdomen but it also shows good results on the overall health. It helps to lose weight by improving the metabolic rate & supporting digestion. This can be beneficial for those who struggle with weight loss but can see no results.

Reduction Of Bloating

Indigestion of food can be main reason of gases & bloating. Abdominal massage helps in the process of digestion & you get no gases due to the proper digestion. It also helps to remove collected gases in the tummy.

Treats Constipation

According to the research, abdominal massage can provide all-natural relief from troubling constipation & connected with abdominal pain. With every day abdominal massage, you can abolish existing constipation & prevent it from recurring.

Abdominal Pain

Massage on the abdomen relives all sorts of abdominal pain by rising the blood circulation the abdomen. It also provides warmth which help to soothe abdominal pain.

Gastrointestinal Wellness

Daily tummy massage help in maintaining the gastrointestinal health in long run. You may never get constipation & bloating. Your abdominal muscles may remain toned & may never pain. Abdominal massage improves the  blood circulation and helps in the digestion of foods.

Relieves Stress And Anxiety

Abdominal massage not only helps to maintain the good abdominal health but also makes the mind calm & relaxed. It may provide you mental peace & relief from stress.

Get A Slim Waistline

Doing massage on the abdomen pushes the abdominal muscles & tones them. You may get rid of that flabby fat in the belly that makes you shapeless. Abdominal massage tightens the tummy besides offering other health benefits.

When To Avoid Abdominal Massage

If you have following conditions then avoid abdominal massage: pregnancy, gallstones, kidney stones, inflammation of reproductive organs, stomach or duodenal ulcers & internal bleeding.

Enhanced Menstrual Symptoms

Massaging the abdomen using some oils such as clove, lavender & cinnamon oil may help you to get relief from the menstrual cramps in the lower abdomen. It has been proven to be very effectual for those who suffer from severe to mild pain & menstrual bleeding.

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