Yoga poses for flat tummy you must try

Yoga poses for flat tummy

Yoga is an old way of feeling and looking healthy. Among the numerous asanas which are prescribed in yoga for having a flatter tummy, the below listed are recommended the most useful yoga poses for stomach or yoga for flat tummy. Yoga is an ancient science that helps you become better and vibrant with passing years. Through a range of yoga asana can be tried to remain healthy, some of these are specially designed for helping you attain a flat tummy.

Yoga asanas like some of the flat belly yoga poses plans that you can try for attaining a flatter tummy. Continue to know more about Yoga poses for flat tummy.

Yoga poses plan for a flat tummy you must try


This aasana is also known as the chair poses and the person trying the same should be positioned as if they are sitting on the chair. For doing this pose, the person needs to stand on the yoga mat with hands in Namaste pose.

Bend at the knees in such a manner that the thighs are parallel to the floor. The hands should be raised above the head and torso should be bend forward and beneath. You should remain in this position for long enough. However, you should breathe normally when in this position.

When you need to get out of this pose yoga for stomach, the knees need to be straightened and the hands need to be brought down to the chest. So this is best pose of yoga for stomach.

The muscles of lower back get strengthened from this aasana and the belly fat decreases too.

Vinyasa flow

This aasana is made from a series of flat belly yoga aasanas and is a perfect pose if you need to increase your heart rate, tone up arms and also your tummy. For doing this flat belly yoga, you need to bend into downward dog aasana. Bend in the normal way and hold the pose for five breaths.

Lower the body using the arms so that the upper body is lowered to a certain extent. While you do so, you need to breathe out. As you are on the floor, you need to lift the chest off the floor. Hold this pose for at least five breaths.

Repeat the entire process five times even as you lower the body.

Yoga poses plan for a flat tummy you must try


This kind of flat belly yoga is also known as the boat pose and is a great way to tone up the abs. The aasana is a complete body workout in the true sense and for doing the same; you need to lie down on the yoga mat with the feet together and arms besides the body.

Breathe in and while you exhale, you need to lift the chest from the floor. The feet also need to be lifted from the ground, so as to maintain a 10 degree rise. The arms need to be kept straight and the fingers need to be outstretched towards the toes. While performing this aasana, you should ensure that the eyes, fingers and toes are all in one line.

Strain on the muscles will be felt within the belly as the muscles contract. This pose needs to be held for five to ten breaths. While coming out of this aasana pose, you need to exhale slowly. This aasana is a great yoga for flat tummy pose to try if you are looking for having a flat tummy.

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Yoga poses plan for a flat tummy you must try

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