Why you should drink watermelon juice post workout

Why you should drink watermelon juice post workout

Why you should drink watermelon juice post workout

A good workout is also about revival as much as it is about activity. Your post workout nutrition is mainly important to refill fluids, electrolytes and glucose that were lost during exercise According to nutritionist, watermelon juice is perfect drink to refuel your body after workout. You can also drink lauki juice instead of protein shake post workout. Here are some of the reasons Why you should drink watermelon juice post workout.

How does it work?

  • The natural sugar present in the watermelon will help to restore glycogen that is lost during workout. According to nutritionist, the drink is particularly good after forceful workouts as it will restore all sugar that is exhausted.
  • Watermelon contains the amino acids that can help your muscles to recover quickly and powerfully after a workout.
  • The fruit is filled with the antioxidants that can speed up your body’s fat burning process by the boosting your metabolism.
  • Being rich in the fibre, it is excellent to curb the appetite and prevent hunger pangs. It also helps to clear your colon i.e., the large intestine of surplus waste.
  • The high fluid content in the watermelon makes it the natural thirst quencher. One of the famous nutritionist says, ‘Watermelon juice has an extra edge over other fruit juices as it is very hydrating too.’

How to prepare?

  • Chop ½ a watermelon and throw away the seeds.
  • Add chopped watermelon slices to the blender and juice it.
  • Add the pinch of cayenne pepper or red pepper and salt to it. (Cayenne pepper works well in controlling the appetite).
  • You can also add some mint leaves to boost its taste.

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