Two Best Hibiscus hair mask recipe for silky hair

Two Best Hibiscus hair mask recipe for silky hair
Almost everyone’s hair is looking like old, and dry hair that seems to have become the Older. Everything is causing because of pollution to poor consumption habits affects our skin & hair health too. Below is Hibiscus Hair Masks recipe for Beautiful and Silky Hair.
Also, engaging in the constant styling & coloring of the hair to stay up with trendy fashion is relatively popular among both men and women. As a consequence, your hair is torn off a lot of hair’s natural oils & nutrients, leaving the hair strands dry & frizzy.

Hibiscus Hair Masks for Beautiful and Silky Hair

Though prevention is better than the cure, yet you can take some measures to repair the dry & damaged or split hair, the best thing is to apply natural or homemade deep conditioning hair packs.
Hibiscus hair masks, for example, are perfect for sustaining the healthy & shiny hair.
Hibiscus is the rich source of vitamins A & C as well as contains amino acids, hibiscus can battle hair loss & promotes hair growth. Also, its potent & mucilaginous nature serves mildly condition the hair & keep it bouncier.
Both the hibiscus flowers & leaves can be applied to make deep-conditioning masks for hair at home. Any hibiscus flower is good for hair health.
When making the hair masks, plus add other hair-friendly components like fenugreek seeds & curd or yogurt.
Fenugreek has also called as methi and has conditioning properties & assists to thicken the hair. It also aids combat the hair problems like dandruff & hair fall. Yogurt or curd gives a lustrous or shiny finish to the hair and also combats dandruff.
Here are two hibiscus hair mask methods to aid condition the hair.

Two Best Hibiscus hair mask recipe for silky hairHibiscus & Curd or Yogurt Hair Mask

Ingredients required 
  • Fresh hibiscus flowers: 8 to 10 petals
  • Yogurt or curd :3 to 4 tbsp
  • Honey:1 tbsp
  • Rosemary essential oil:  a few drops (optional)
  • Separate the stalk as well as the seal which is the green part at the bottom of the flower from fully cleaned hibiscus flowers.
  • Make a fine paste with petals using the grinder.
  • Combine 3 -4 tbsp of plain yogurt or curd to the grinder. Grind the ingredients until you get the smooth or fine paste. You can too add the little water to adjust the consistency.
  •  Take that smooth paste into the bowl.
  • Add one tbsp of honey to it & blend well.
  • One can also join the few drops of rosemary essential oil (optional: based on your interest) to it. Rosemary oil helps hair growth.
  • Now your hydrating hair mask is ready to apply.

Hibiscus & Fenugreek seeds Hair Mask

Ingredients required
Fresh hibiscus leaves:  a handful
Soaked fenugreek seeds:  1 – 2 tbsp
Soak the hibiscus leaves in a cup of water throughout the night
  • Clean fresh hibiscus leaves with water to remove any dirt.
  • Remove the stalk of the leaves.
  • Put a handful of hibiscus leaves in the grinder & make a smooth paste. One can combine the few hibiscus flowers as well. If required, pour in the little water to aid the leaves to crumble smoothly.
  • Take that paste into the bowl.
  • Then, grate 1 to 2 tbsp of soaked fenugreek seeds.
  • Take that fenugreek seed for dandruff paste into another bowl.
  • Combine and Mix both the pastes together.
  • Now the hair mask is ready to apply.

How to Use this Hair Mask

  1. First, clean the hair & let it somewhat dry naturally. When the hair is still slightly wet, then apply any one of these homemade as the hair masks.
  2. Using the fingers or the hairbrush, use this hibiscus hair mask from the roots to tips of the hair strands, including each & every strand.
  3. Cover the hair with a shower cap & allow the hair mask sit for approximately 30 minutes.
  4. Wash the hair with water to exclude all the particles of the hair mask.
  5. Now shampoo the hair as natural, but skip the conditioner if you typically use one.
  6. After the hair is dry, the change will be very easy to see & feel.
If you have dry, split and damaged hair, then use any one of these hair masks once per week. Those who have healthy hair can use the covers once every two weeks.

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