The Best Makeup Ideas to Sport the Gypsy Look

Best Makeup Ideas to Sport the Gypsy Look

Quick and the best makeup ideas to sport the gypsy look! Gypsies have been having its history since the 14th century. The extravagant dressing sense of them is the trademark for gypsy. The gypsies are dark, dramatic and mysterious. Many people are fascinated by them and some of them are scared by them. The chunky trinkets and vibrant colors beautifully complement their bold persona. Let us now see how these gypsies perfectly ace their hairstyle and makeup. Here we go to know the best makeup ideas to sport the gypsy look on your face.

The base Fare and Mysterious Eyes:

To start with, unlike the other makeup routine, you need to apply the foundation. But for this kind of makeup, you need to use the foundation which is darker in shades, so that you will succeed in getting sun-kissed skin. Make sure while applying foundation to your face, make sure you are applying the foundation on the other parts of the skin which is exposed to the sun. The eyes are the most attractive part when we talk about gypsies. To get the gypsy look, you must choose a smoky eye shade. The eyes have to be blackened, heavily and beautifully. First, apply the concealer and primer, then use the shade of bronze, gold with black to give a smoky look to your eyes. Use the lash mascara or lash extension to enhance the beauty of your eyes.

The Best Makeup Ideas to Sport the Gypsy Look
The Best Makeup Ideas to Sport the Gypsy Look

The Cheeky Bit and Lippy Love makeup ideas to sport the gypsy look

Use a highlighter in order to highlight the nose, the brow bone, and the cheekbone. Gypsies are very well-known to have a lovely glow on the face always. Pick a rose-hued or peach-toned blush for your cheeks. You need to make sure that, you will start the blush from cheekbones and spread upwards (towards your ears). Make the lips as the focal point in your gypsy look. You can choose either purple route, or maroon, or reddish orange tone or vibrant red. It is recommended for the women with lighter skin tone must go for dark colors like maroons and purple whereas for women with olive or tan skin tone must go with reds and oranges. These colors will perfectly complement the style of the gypsies. To give a photo finish, make use of clear gloss on the pout center.

Fine finishing off the makeup ideas to sport the gypsy look

Once you complete making the above-mentioned makeup ideas, you must consider keeping the little stones in the shape of a V on your forehead center or little stones at the corner eyes. These little stones act as a prominent makeup point in your gypsy look. Make use of kohl in order to draw tattoos on your arms and neck. Draw the tattoos which represent the look of a gypsy. As a final finishing, do not forget to put a beauty spot near your lip. Make use of all the mentioned steps and makeup ideas to sport the gypsy look to you.

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