8 Steps Guide To Glamours Smokey Eyes

8 Steps Guide to glamours smokey eyes

8 Steps Guide To Glamours Smokey Eyes

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Smokey eyes might give you a exclusive & stylish look. Most girls find it difficult to get smokey eyes as it can spread & smear. Although, in this post, we may not only discuss some simple steps to make smokey eyes but also how to make the smokey eyes look more gorgeous and elegant.

There is no hard & fast rule for making smokey eyes. You have to keep on experimenting with the eye makeup. When it comes to smokey eyes, you can experiment more with sparkles. Not only that, you can also apply silver & golden mascara to tips of the lashes. Smokey eyes suit for all occasions, it can give you the glamrous look for parties & also a slight & bold look for office. It all depends on how you use the makeup for the smoky eyes.

Smokey eyes suit for all occasions, it can give you the glamorous look for parties and also a slight & bold look for office. It all depends on how you use the makeup for smoky eyes.

Here are few simple steps guide to glamorous smokey eyes.

3336793227 3c57df2bf7 o 300x248 - 8 Steps Guide To Glamours Smokey EyesStart With The Rest Of Your Face

First apply makeup to the rest of the face & keep eye makeup for the last. Although, be gentle on make-up & lip colour as it is your eyes that may speak.

Eye Makeup Base

Apply eye primer first to moisturise & conceal the lines of eyelids. You can also apply a light concealer or foundation instead of a basic coverage or primer. Apply this to upper lid & the area below the eyes. Wait for 5 minutes until it sets. It may prevent creasing & the smokey eye makeup may also for longer.

Line Your Eyes

Define the eyes with a black pencil by making lines that should be as close as the lashes. You can use your fingers to make it more closer to ashes. Apply it on both lids from the corner to corner.

Apply The Black Eye shadow

Apply a black eye shadow over line of the pencil on the upper lid with a brush. Smear & blend it well in the exacting area of the lid with a soft & clean brush. You can also use the finger tip to mix together it.

Apply The Lighter Eye shadow colour

After applying black eyeshadow, apply a brown or a gray shadow above it. This may give you a perfect smokey eyes as the added effect of brown or grey shade may further beautify it. Combine the shadow with a brush starting from the lash line & moving towards the fold of the eyelid.

Apply White Shade

After doing this apply, a white pencil or shade on inner corners or the eyes. This may make the eyes to look bigger and may contrast the effect of black shade.

Curl Your Lashes

For the perfect smokey eyes, curl the lashes. This may give you a well finished smokey eyes look. Curling your lashes may give an appealing look to the smokey eyes.

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