Top benefits of wood apple during pregnancy

Top benefits of wood apple during pregnancy

The benefits of wood apple during pregnancy are plenty and pregnant women need to have it. Wood apple during pregnancy helps digestion and lessens constipation.

The wood apple, is scientifically referred to as Aegle marmelos, and has a rough texture, and happens to be made of a hard brown shell. The fruit indeed is of a mealy texture, and its flesh does contain a large number of crisp, white, as well as little edible seeds. The wood apple happens to be a nutrient-dense fruit.

Bael contains carbohydrates, Protein, Fiber, Potassium, Vitamin C Calcium, Iron, and Phosphorous.

Since the time of 2000 BC, it has indeed been made use of in India for both ceremonies and is acknowledged as a remedy for health issues.

It is popularly called summer fruit Bael, which means “wood apple tree,” and in English is known as “wood apple.”

Wood apple is cooling and good for digestion. During the hot and humid summer months in India, bael juice shops are found all across the local city

The fruit is also consumed in its pulp or juice form, and helps the recovery of blood loss, and also enhances the body’s water content.

This fruit aids relief from constipation controls diabetes and prevents heart attacks, which are common during summertime.

There are several benefits of wood apple during pregnancy which is why it is a popular fruit.

Health Benefits of Wood Apple for Pregnant Women

It Has Antimicrobial & Antifungal Property

Bael fruit has antibacterial content, and its strong antifungal and antibacterial capabilities help fight against infection in one’s body. A woman’s immunity is usually weak during pregnancy, thus placing her at risk for a variety of illnesses. Drinking wood apple juice does help the woman fight infection in such a situation, thus keeping both the baby and the mother healthy.

Top benefits of wood apple during pregnancy

Maintains the Body’s Fluid Balance

Potassium is available in bael fruit which helps maintain healthy fluid balance levels in a person’s body. The bael fruit and its juice does help keep the fluid and electrolyte balance levels in the pregnant woman’s body under control. As it contains potassium, transmission of nerve impulses occurs and thus it leads to reduced muscle contractions as well as cramps.

May Prevents Constipation During Pregnancy

Pregnant women do suffer from constipation and Bael fruit does have a laxative effect. It provides relief from constipation to a large extent.

Helps with Digestion

Digestion is a typical health issue among pregnant women. As the fetus develops in size, the digestive system does become increasingly stressed. Vine fruit does help to relax the digestive process in such circumstances but can lead to digestive difficulties. Bael has high fiber content, and thus promotes digestion.

Other Benefits

Wood apple does contain plant and chemical substances such as flavonoids and coumarins to help treat asthma and lower blood pressure. Wood apple helps in treating stomach ulcers and manages blood cholesterol levels while pregnant. Wood apple during pregnancy can be had has it indeed consists of manifold health benefits.


Bael fruit is certainly a good choice during pregnancy. Of course, the amount of food consumed needs to be controlled, as it can cause stomach bloating and for pregnant women, a single wood apple happens to be the recommended dosage. The fruit while breastfeeding should be had according to the recommended amount. Eating too much of it does cause gas.

Thus, Wood apple is full of nutrients and is certainly an energy food. Eating the pulp of the fruit and or even drinking its juice does help in the recovery of blood loss in the body and increases water levels. This fruit has exceptional properties to relieve constipation, control diabetes, and also prevent heart strokes.

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