Tips to eat right diet before your pregnancy

Tips to eat right diet before your pregnancy

Tips to eat right diet before your pregnancy

There are 2 reasons you require to eat right as planning a pregnancy. First, it enhances ovum or egg health. Second having right diet rich in the nutrients like folate helps to prevent a miscarriage. Since you never know exact moment you would conceive, it is better to follow the healthy diet plan even before you see the positive pregnancy test. Tips to eat right diet before your pregnancy.


Start your day with the complex carbohydrates, like a bowl of oats, whole wheat pasta or multigrain parathas made of the wheat, jowar, bajra and ragi. These foods keep you satisfied for long, breaking down slowly into the glucose and providing energy till your next meal, without falling for unhealthy cravings.

Mid-morning snack:

Tips to eat right diet before your pregnancyHave a fruit or choose for the fruit salad topped with the few roasted pumpkin seeds. As the antioxidants in fruits are great for your reproductive health, the non-heme iron in the pumpkin seeds improves one’s chances of beginning.


A bowl full of brown rice or 3 multigrain chapatis, 1 bowl of leafy green vegetable, 1 bowl of pulses and another bowl of any vegetable of your choice. If you are the non-vegetarian have roasted chicken or fish instead of second vegetable. A small bowl of yoghurt and salads would make menu complete.

Evening snack:

Eat 1 or 2 whole fruit or choose for a plate of sprout salad.


Same as lunch. Even though, to get more variety in the diet choose for a legume preparation like the chickpea, black-eyed pea or kidney beans over pulses and replace 1 vegetable preparation for soup to keep it light. Have an early dinner to avoid acid reflux.

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