Ten Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay Naturally

Ten Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay Naturally

Tooth decay is the dental problem in which the external layer of the teeth gets hurt, & this layer is called the enamel. This dental condition is not pleasant because the enamel is the outermost protecting layer of the tooth, & next comes the dentin & then the innermost layer, called as pulp. So any harm to the enamel reveals the dentin & the pulp to a greater risk of cavities & decay.

There are various causes for tooth decay to occur, & maximum of them are errors made in daily routine. A few variations here & a few changes there can stop this appalling dental condition that can cause breaking, chipping, sensitivity, discoloration, & even cracks in the teeth. All of these circumstances are remarkably painful, & dental methods do not come cheap. Those who do not have the dental insurance know this very well.

To Prevent from that Trouble, Below explained Are Ten Methods To Prevent Tooth decay naturally:


Skipping brushing at night or hiding for the dessert or snack after brushing is one of the most common mistakes we commit in our daily routine. Sleeping without food trash held in-between the teeth is necessary. If you are not brushing the teeth two times per day becomes a peril to the dental health, cleaning too often is equally harmful. That is why one must limit cleaning to twice per day.

Ten Ways To Prevent Tooth Decay NaturallyFlossing

Brushing alone is not sufficient because food particles frequently get stuck in-between the teeth. This food particle & the bacteria enclosing the teeth could cause acidic effects that may cause tooth decay. Flossing releases from the food remain that has stuck in-between the teeth, & this debris can clean off quickly.

Avoid Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks is another biggest culprits causing the tooth decay. It gets serious if one is in the habit of keeping these drinks in the mouth for a long time. How harmful the carbonated drink can be on the teeth can only be measured by its pH balance. Drinks that gauges lower on the pH scale are known to be more acidic in nature. So skip the sodas for a while & build up the real intensity of the teeth.

Rinsing Frequently

If anyone has the symptoms of tooth decay, then a smarter approach to handling this problem would be to keep the mouth free from acids & plaque. Even though, this is a tough task to perform throughout the day because it is absurd to carry the brush and floss to the office. Then again, those suffering from tooth decay symptoms are recommended not to brush teeth too frequently, however, one can always consider cleaning after eating or drinking anything. Rinsing can wipe off the acids in the mouth & can also remove the food particles. Rinsing with water has effective or also you can use mouthwash from the stores.

Avoiding Dry Mouth Condition

Saliva is necessary for the overall common oral health, & so its secretion is critical in preventing the tooth decay. Saliva is also adequate for the proper health of several oral soft tissues. Saliva can also help make acids encompassing the teeth lesser efficient, and that is helpful in preventing the tooth decay. It can simply be done by drinking water regularly or chewing peppermint leaves or sugar-free gums. It can also aid with halitosis difficulty which is normal during the dry mouth condition.

Increasing Calcium Intake

Those who are suffering from the symptoms of tooth decay must check their calcium consumption and adjust their diet to add foods rich in calcium. Foods rich in calcium should include in the diet such as milk, cheese, & yogurt. And also calcium needs vitamin D for the body to absorb it & this should not overcook. The sunshine vitamin is natural to get, but you must stand in the sun without the interference of sunscreen & for a period based on one’s skin tone. Other method to get vitamin D are specific foods such as fortified cereals, whole milk & certain seafood that are very wealthy in the vitamin D. The FDA suggests around 1000 mg of calcium consumption every day for an adult on a 2000 calorie basis, but in fact of tooth decay, one must examine the daily calcium necessary with the Dentist. Over 99% of calcium consumption has used by the bones & teeth alone, and that is how great this calcium is when it comes to losing the layer of the teeth & then trying to build it back.

Using Antibacterial Agents

Another cause of tooth decay is plaque because plaque carries bacteria and food particles. The micro-organisms feed on food debris & discharge acidic materials that could cause tooth decay. Remember that acids are one of the most popular causes of tooth decay and therefore using an antibacterial factor should be helpful. It includes eating several herbs such as oregano benefits, sage, peppermint leaves or making homemade washes with these herbs. Applying antibacterial oils such as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, oil of oregano on the teeth can also be helpful in taking down the micro-organisms in the mouth & also the plaque form.

Avoid Regular Scaling

Scaling is the dental method in which the Dentist rubs off the dirt from the teeth & washes it. This approach is helpful in eliminating plaque & is sometimes suggested by the Dentist. Though, avoid requesting various scaling on the owner because too frequent scraping off the enamel can also make tooth decay. Many people get scaling done on their own as it makes the teeth look whiter & cleaner. Scaling is a dental method and not a cosmetic method, & so it must be restricted to that. Staining of teeth is common, & that can also be taken care of through methods other than scaling.

Using A Sugar-Free Gum

Individual sugar-free gums can aid in bringing down the acids on the teeth. These gums frequently contain Xylitol that can help balance the pH & keep the acids causing tooth decay under control.

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