Supplements to consider taking during fertility treatment 

Supplements to consider taking during fertility treatment 

Fertility treatment in Hyderabad is in good stead and women patients are comfortable with it. Infertility treatment hospitals in Hyderabad are well equipped to address this health issue.

Researchers have rather come across that vitamin C, vitamin E, and CoQ10 supplements in order to enhance the quality of semen, reduce sperm DNA damage, and also increase sperm count as well as motility. Fertility treatment in Hyderabad is geared towards this.
It may be advisable to supplement when trying to conceive as well.

It is understood that Folate supplementation prior to conception has indeed been associated with a greater chance of getting pregnant, improved success with fertility treatments, and also reduced risk of neural tube defects in the baby.

Most supplements do include Vitamin C as a core antioxidant, while a few others generally tend to have melatonin, green tea, or ubiquinol in them. Ubiquinol, which can be known as a primitive stage of CoQ10, does increase sperm motility. It also does affect the shape of sperm in males as well as eggs in females.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is particularly important for fertility patients. Why so? Recent studies demonstrated that vitamin D does improve ovarian follicle survival and growth in vitro.
A deficiency of vitamin D can indeed reduce the chances of pregnancy as well as implantation from in vitro fertilization treatment. Vitamin D helps in the well-being of the baby by supporting healthy bone development. Deficiency with vitamin D is also subjected to preeclampsia. Vitamin D deficiency can rather be common among infertility patients.

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Prenatal vitamins

Prenatal vitamins when going through fertility treatment can be useful to prepare for implantation. Prenatal vitamins can rather help improve the chances of getting pregnant by making sure the body is getting all the nutrients it does require. These vitamins do contain specific nutrients that are indeed essential for a baby’s development, such as folic acid, iron, as well as calcium, and they can also help protect a person’s health during the treatment.


DHEA happens to be a hormone that is instead produced by the body and does help with several functions, including fertility. DHEA is instead converted in the body into testosterone, thus promoting ovarian youthfulness. It can also rather improve the quality of eggs by helping along the maturation process. It is good to consult the physician on what daily dosage of DHEA to be taken.


COQ10 is popular for its ability to boost energy levels and also support the heart. It has been shown to improve egg quality and also increase pregnancy rates. If considering taking COQ10, it is good to discuss with the doctor whether it is good to handle and suits the patient.

Folic Acid

If going through fertility treatments, the patient does have t take a lot of supplements. Folic acid is worth trying. Folic acid can help regulate one’s menstrual cycle and improve ovulation.

Supplements to consider taking during fertility treatment 

It can also help reduce the risk of early miscarriage and birth defects. It is essential for the early development of the embryo.  Custom design fertility treatments for the individual in order to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy is something women are interested in when conceiving. Specialists do believe in putting the patient first and also helping them through every step of the fertility process. Infertility treatment hospitals in Hyderabad are well versed in helping women of all ages reach their fertility goals. Efforts are made to educate and also support the patients throughout their respective fertility processes. For this reason, several people are keen to try out fertility treatment in Hyderabad as they know it is one of the best fertility centers.


Women who are conceiving do make sure they take sufficient supplements particularly if they are faced with infertility.

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