Infertility and Hair Loss Problems Linked To Each Other

Infertility and Hair Loss Problems Linked To Each Other

Knowing about IVF costs in Hyderabad hospitals helps or these coping up with hair loss caused due to infertility. Infertility treatment doctors in Hyderabad can provide valuable guidance on this issue.

Hair loss happens to be a symptom of infertility in women as hypothyroidism is linked to infertility. Low levels of thyroid hormones can rather impair fertility by interfering with the release of eggs by the ovaries.

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Hair loss has its side effect of a hormonal change. The hormonal change can also affect fertility, thus there is indeed a shared denominator between hair loss as well infertility: hormonal changes. A natural increase in testosterone and DHT can lead to hair loss, similar to men.

PCOS means polycystic ovary syndrome and is a condition that has a strong link to hair loss cum infertility, in which ovaries do become swollen with fluid that does affect the mobility of the eggs as well as regular menstruation. This does imply it can impact conceiving.

This is a condition that has a strong link to hair loss and infertility, in which ovaries become swollen with fluid that affects the mobility of the eggs and regular menstruation. This also means it can impact women’s ability to conceive.

Studies have rather highlighted that MPB (Male Pattern Baldness) occurs when hormones are not in a balanced state. When the hormones are not balanced, the body tends to react differently. It is not just hair loss, but reproductive health can get negatively affected.

Female Hair Loss and Infertility Linked To Each Other

When hormonal changes do occur, the quality of healthy hair has a setback. There are indeed high chances when testosterone does increase and thus leading to DHT causing male baldness occurs. There is also an issue of balding cum diminished hair growth. If one’s hair loss has reached a stage of “no way out” then the option left is going in for a hair transplant.

Hair restoration

If a person wants to get a hair transplant after infertility treatment, it is good to visit clinics for a personalized solution under an experienced medical professional. Infertility treatment doctors in Hyderabad can resolve hair loss issues caused due to infertility.

Infertility and Hair Loss Problems Linked To Each Other

Hair Loss and PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Disorder is no doubt a common condition in women. In this condition, ovaries tend to get swollen thus triggering off the healthy eggs, which are a crucial factor for conception.

PCOS happens to be a problem linked to hormones, a contributory factor for hair loss. It is not simply hair fall, but also leads to hair growth on different body parts.

Female hair loss and infertility linked?

Studies do show that men with severe baldness have rather seen a 60% decline in sperm count.’ On the other hand, mild baldness has shown a decline of 20% in sperm count.

An increase in testosterone triggers male baldness

With the rise in male hormones, the MPB is higher. As a testosterone, as well as DHT, are not balanced in one’s body, it does increase the total span of telogen, which is the hair shedding phase of the hair growth cycle.

Are you looking for medical assistance?

Is pregnancy is not up to expectations then it is advisable to go in for a personalized treatment plan to resolve infertility issues. Medical advice is necessary that too at a reputed clinic.


Hair loss can cause much distress that too due to infertility. To deal with infertility it is good to know more about IVF cost in Hyderabad hospitals.

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