Does the sunlight Heals Acne?

Does the sunlight Heals Acne?

A common myth is that exposure to the sun is an effective treatment for acne. While it is true that a small amount of sun is good for acne and your skin in general, it must be remembered that all benefits are very temporary. Many people report that their skin is clear after exposure to the sun. However, continuous tanning will lead to dry skin and cause the sebaceous gland to produce an excess of oil. Read more Does the sunlight Heals Acne?

In addition to this, when it has been exposed to the sun more dead cells will have to be removed. The combination of dead cells and extra sebum oil point to the blocked pores that will almost surely cause more acne. The problem is that acne can take a while to develop, so people do not usually associate exposure to the sun with acne outbreaks they may experience a few weeks after sunbathing.

Does sunlight help cure acne?

There is also a strong chance that too much sun will lead to skin aging, skin cancer, and many other serious health problems. The best idea is to wear sunscreen, but make sure it does not block your pores. Try to find oil-free products with an SPF of at least 15 that will protect you from UVA and UVB rays. While sunburn will not lead to instant acne problems, it is likely that a few weeks after being sunburnt the affected areas will suffer from an outbreak of acne.

If you use acne treatments that contain ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, additional care is needed. They can both dry the skin slightly and salicylic acid makes your skin more vulnerable to UV light. As a result, it is essential to wear sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun for an extended period of time.

Should I treat my skin with sun exposure?

Well, it’s a tricky question, even if that’s what you really need to know. As already stated above, treating your skin with sun exposure can be helpful in curing existing acne breakouts. It can also be an effective way to prevent future episodes of acne and pimple, such as sun rays kill the infection causing bacteria on the skin.

However, on the other hand, high exposure to the sun can create the causes of new acne breakouts. It can also cause hyperpigmentation on the skin and can induce the signs of aging of the skin faster. In addition, excessive exposure to the sun is one of the main reasons for skin cancer.

Another point worth noting, which is still in debate, is that excessive exposure to the sun not only kills the infection causing bacteria on the skin, but also the healthy bacterial colony on the skin that is essential for good health skin.

Destroying good bacteria on the skin eliminates the natural protective barrier causing the skin extra unsafe to acne & other skin related problems.

Does the sunlight Heals Acne?

Sunray is important and if you are going to use it to cure your skin problems like acne it is really important that you have the right idea of how much exposure is right for your skin and the limit at which it turns all bad. If you are not very clear on the thresh hold for your skin when it comes to sun exposure it is best to stay away because more exposure can do extreme damage to the skin.

If you are considering treating acne with sun exposure, you should also keep in mind that the exact sun exposure that can be considered light can vary greatly from one person to another, depending Their skin type and many other factors. While 10 minutes of sun exposure per day can be mild for someone, it could be enough to damage someone else’s sensitive skin.

So if your friend has achieved good results in his acne condition after 10 minutes of sun exposure every day, this does not necessarily mean that you will get the same effects on your skin with the same treatment. Rather, the same amount of exposure can be harmful to your skin type or even less effective.

How to treat acne safely with the sun’s rays?

As mentioned above, although sunray has some acne cure properties, using it the right way is very important because more exposure can be more harmful to your skin.

If you are wanting to take sun treatment for your acne, it is best to start only with 5 minutes of sun exposure on alternate days at the beginning. Also instead of getting directly under the sun, use a shade. A thin cotton cloth placed on your face can function as a nice and effective sieve to ensure that your exposure to the sun is gentle.

Always start with less exposure to the sun to get its benefits and then you can increase it from alternate days every day from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on how your skin behaves after the first few days.

Can I skip a sunscreen?

And when you take a soft sun exposure to treat your acne, you really do not need to put on sunscreen because it hinders the penetration of sunlight. Do not really control the amount of exposure you are going to get.

So, never miss slather on the sunscreen when you go out in the sun.However, if you suffer from acne, make sure you choose A sunscreen that is not very heavy or oily on the skin and does not cause much sweat.

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