Health Benefits Of Sunlight

Health Benefits Of Sunlight

While too much of sunlight can be harmful to the skin, a balanced dose of it can do a lot more good than you can think of. The benefits of moderate sun exposure have been found to outweigh the risks. We all afraid of exposing our bare skin to daylight, unaware of the fact that it has in its store to offer our health. There is a particular reason why health care experts from all across the world emphasize to let the body expose to sunlight for at least a few hours in a day. You may yourself have experienced how lively your mind and soul feels when you get out on a sunny day. There are listed a few benefits of moderate sun exposure that you might not aware of till now. Know about Health Benefits Of Sunlight.

Fights Back Stress

Sunlight is known to help relieve stress. It triggers enhanced production of serotonin in the brain, helping in boosting mood and induces a feeling of calmness. Without sunlight exposure, the normal level of serotonin tends to decline, putting the individual at great risk of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Builds Strong Bones

The body gets its natural dosage of vitamin D while you explore yourself to moderate sunlight. This vitamin facilitates absorption of calcium into the bones, providing them with the required strength. It means when your body has an enhanced level of Vitamin D, your bones are at a lower risk of getting fractured.  Though the exact time to catch sun rays to do the trick is not well quoted, a small amount of sun exposure can help your bones get what it needs!

Heals Skin Conditions

Though exposure to sun rays for an extended time can put you at risk of skin cancer, a few minutes display can do wonders for your skin. Sunbath treatment is generally recommended by dermatologists to cure skin diseases such as eczema, acne, jaundice, psoriasis and other fungal skin infections.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Health Benefits Of SunlightA moderate amount of sunlight has many benefits to offer rather than causing harm to the skin. According to a report of Environmental Health Perspectives, people living in areas having fewer hours of daylight are more likely to develop cancer than those who remain exposed to more sunlight during the day.

Boosts Growth in Kids

This benefit of sunlight holds true, especially for infants. It has been shown through studies that the amount of sunlight to which a baby is exposed to during his/her first few months has an influence on how tall the child grows. Realizing this fact, many cultures have a tradition to expose babies to mild sunlight to boost their height and growth.

Improves Quality of Sleep

When it’s dark, the body gets the signal to produce melatonin, making a person feeling tired and drowsy. Sunlight falling on the eyes triggers brain cells to stop synthesizing this hormone, thus helps to maintain a normal circadian rhythm. An overproduction of melatonin during the day leads to poor production of it at night, leading to poor sleep quality. So get some sunshine as you wake up to let your brain know it’s time to stop releasing melatonin.

This does not mean that you should step out in the sun without any protection. The best time to step outdoors is early in the morning or in the evenings when the sun is not too bright and harsh. At all other times, continue using good sunscreen oils and sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays. Remember even a tad too much of elixir can turn into poison! Do not over-do sun exposure. Just 5-10 minutes of basking in the sun, will give your body the boost it needs!

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