Simple & natural Ways To Postpone Periods By A Week

Natural Ways To Postpone Periods By A Week

Menstruation is cracking of the uterus lining along with the blood after every 28 days in the women. Every month the uterus lining thickens in expectation of pregnancy & when pregnancy does not happen, the uterus lining along with the blood gets removed from body as menstrual bleeding.

Menstrual flow brings with it very nasty symptoms such as cramping, back pain, nausea, fatigue, breast tenderness etc. Although, this is a natural phenomenon and is a must process in all women. Although, sometimes due to some special reasons such as the girl’s wedding or during vacations, a women wants her menstrual bleeding to get postponed or paused.

Simple & natural Ways To Postpone Periods By A Week

To get rid of nasty effects of menstruation during some special occasion, a girl might want to delay her periods for at least a week. Here are few vital natural remedies that can delay the periods. have a look on Natural Ways To Postpone Periods By A Week

Parsley Leaves

Boil parsley leaves in the bowl of water for 30 minutes. Strain it & drink the water after it is cooled twice or thrice per day. You can also mix honey to enhance the taste.

Eat Gram Lentils

Having the gram lentils soup frequently for a week or 2 before the period can delay the periods for almost a week. To make its soup, first grind them to make the powder & then boil this powder in water.

Raspberry Tea

You can makethe decoction of this herb by boiling it in water & then drink it as a tea 2 to 3 times a day. It helps to stop the menstrual flow and eases cramps. Have this before the periods.

Female Ginseng Or Angelica Root

It is an old Chinese herb used to stop the menstrual flow and is also used to keep female hormones well-balanced. You can have this herb 1-1 week before the periods.

Garden Sage Or Lady Mantle

Garden sage can stop menstruation naturally. Boil this herb in water & let mixture boil for a few minutes. Cool tea & drink it after adding honey.

Shepherd’s Purse

It can be used to stop the bleeding when garden sagacious fails to act. Boil this herb in water, cool it & drink the extract 3 times a day.

Natural Ways To Postpone Periods By A WeekExercise

Improving the physical activity 2 to 3 weeks before expected periods can actually hold-up the periods. Weight loss can affect the hormones & body. This will lead to delayed periods.

Avoid Spicy Foods

Spicy food tends to improve the heat inside body that can lead to the menstrual flow. You must avoid all sorts of spicy foods if you want to delay the menstrual flow. Avoid hot peppers, black pepper, ginger, garlic etc.


Mix 4 teaspoons of vinegar in the glass of mineral water & drink it 2 to 3 times a day to delay periods. You can start drinking it one week before the expected periods.

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