6 Facts About Allergies

facts about allergies

6 Facts About Allergies

Allergy, The word is sufficient to scare you. Every year at the certain time, you get frustration or itching on the skin. Might be you face some of the symptoms which you have become used to. You just know that these issues will occur at a certain time & then go away within some time.

But you are also aware about the pain you go during this time. Sometimes it is not about time, you have to go through some of the physical problems suddenly. If you concentrate on issue you will understand that there are some things which are creating these disorders.

Have you ever tried to know why these disorders happen to you? Yes, you have consulted the physician and learn that you are allergic to something. They ask you to avoid those things. But there are more facts about allergies that you want to know.

What are the interesting facts about allergies? Suppose, if you have pets in the house. when you hug them, you start to sneeze. Might be, you get rashes on the skin. It means that you are allergic to pets. Their hair is creating the issue for you.

Isnot it interesting? Some facts are known to you, but to be cautious, here are more facts about the allergies that you require to know. Read on to know more facts about allergies-

Food Allergies

One of the most common types of allergies that everyone faces throughout their life or at the certain period of their lives. Peanuts, shellfish, eggs etc. are some of the foods which can bring about an allergic attack. Children & adult- both are at risk of being allergic to these foods.

Cold Allergy

You might be aware about some facts about allergies, specially about this one. when you eat ice creams or cold drinks, you start sneezing & coughing. That means you are allergic to cold .

Medicinal Allergies

This is one of the most important facts about allergies that you want to know. There are some of the medicines which are responsible for this. Penicillin is one of those allergens. It is difficult to know it beforehand. Just be cautious to know which medicine is creating problems.

facts about allergiesAllergy From Having Sex

How disturbing ? But it is true. Researchers say that during male ejaculation women might be affected by an immune reaction which is known as seminal plasma hypersensitivity. What more can happen? Women may get swelling to systematic shock.

Jewelries Are Not Safe Too

Facts about allergies can also be found in the jewelry box. It is proved that the nickel, used in the simulation jewelries can create rashes, redness, swelling, itchiness etc. Use of such materials can make you life long allergic to metals.

Seasonal allergy

Some of the people are allergic to the rainy season, some to spring. If every year you face itchiness or cough & cold at a certain time, you are allergic to that season. Medicines and precautions can keep those problems away. Did you know these facts about allergies? Children and adult both can be allergic to something. If it is treated at a young age, the problems might be solved completely. But, you must follow the proper medication. Self-diagnosis can only increase the problems. So, instead of taking a medicine by own, consult your physician.

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