Face washing mistakes we all make

Face washing mistakes we all make

Face washing mistakes we all make

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Cleansing is a very important step towards the beautiful skin. But a simple task like face washing if wrongly done can damage the skin. Here are some face washing tips that one should follow.

Right water temperature

Make sure that the water temperature is just right before cleaning the face. Avoid hot water or cold water as both can damage the facial skin. Rinse your face with the lukewarm water to get dirt & stain off the face, without causing skin damage

Do not over clean

Face washing mistakes we all makeSometimes people incorrectly do extreme cleansing to get shrill clean. But it can be harmful to over do cleansing part, leaving you with dry & rough skin. Rinse your face 2 times in a day, anything more is not necessary.


Exfoliation is also very important step to get healthy skin. People either exfoliate too much or do not. Too much exfoliation leads to the skin irritation and lack of scrubbing gives the skin issues like blackheads and acne.

Facial wipes

Limit use of the facial wipes to twice in a day. Extreme use of facial wipes on the skin can damage the skin, leaving it exposed to pollution & sun’s harmful rays. If required clean the face with a gentle face wash & water.

Follow these steps & you will get beautiful skin that glows with the health.

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