Secrets Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Secrets Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Secrets Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Did you know that your tongue can tell if your healthy or not? According to the ancient Chinese medicine, the appearance of the tongue can reveal the health of the entire body. The look & texture of your tongue can be an indicator of the health of the digestive system, based on the coating & colour of the tongue too.

If you want to test your health and to make sure are in the right condition, take this simple test. Stand in front of the mirror, stick out the tongue & look at it carefully in all directions. If you follow to see any spots, seizures or patches on your language, it is time to visit a doctor. Ignoring that piece or mark on your tongue could create a lot of other problems in the future, so it is sufficient to look into it immediately.

Here is what Secrets Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health:

A Red Tongue

A glossy, bright red tongue is the sign your body lacks iron or B12. It could also mean that your body lacks certain vitamins. This red looking tongue has widely seen in vegetarians as they are particularly prone to low levels of B12.

Secrets Your Tongue Reveals About Your Health

Brown Colour Tongue

Brown tongue usually means the battling bad habits like smoking and alcohol. This brown tongue also causes bad breath or taste abnormalities. To get rid of the brown tongue, you want to use a scraper or a toothbrush to clean it out.

Cheese Looking Tongue

If your tongue is white, flaky &, cheese like it is an indication that you have a yeast infection. The overproduction of candida mainly causes this. This type of yeast affects the people who are diabetic, & who are suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Wrinkled Tongue

It is one sign of old age. Fissures & cracks in the tongue develop after a certain age, and this only means that your body is getting old. At this point, it is important to look after dental hygiene as ignoring it can lead to infection within the crevices.

Patches On The Tongue

Painless white patches (called leukoplakia) has caused by an excess growth of cells that have usually seen with people who smoke. For those who don’t the spot could be due to the abrasion of the tooth always rubbing against the tongue.

A Sore Tongue

Tongue cancer is one of the furious diseases which has seen in almost every second person in the world. Sores & blisters seen on the tongue is a sign of tongue cancer and should have treated immediately.

Burning Tongue

Burning sensations on the tongue has usually developed an allergy to certain toothpaste. In some cases, a burning tongue could also mean your due to the changes your body takes postmenopausal.

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