Remembering Stephen Hawking on his 79th birthday: A legacy of humanity

Remembering Stephen Hawking on his 79th birthday: A legacy of humanity

Stephen Hawking before also may have been an achiever, but after suffering from it he contributed well in the field of science. How Stephen Hawking gets sick is worth knowing about.

Eminent people who have contributed well to society are to be remembered. How Stephen Hawking gets sick is something much to think about.

Stephen Hawking died on 14 March 2018. His work indeed brought about much change in everything that people know about the cosmos and their existence in it. Of course, his greatest contribution to the human race is not simply his theories on black holes or rather how quickly the universe has been expanding, it was more to do with his humanity. How Stephen Hawking gets sick is something to think of but more to how he did contribute despite suffering from ALS.

What there is to know about Stephen Hawking?

Professor Hawking happens to be born on 8 January 1942. Had he been alive he would have been about 78 years old. His generation was referred to as the “Silent” one. In his early twenties, he happened to be diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). In due course of time, he became paralyzed and was able to converse with the help of a computer-generated audio device.

He said, “I accept that there are some things I can’t do. But they are mostly things I don’t particularly want to do anyway. I seem to manage to do anything that I really want.”

The average life expectancy of a person with ALS is supposed to be around 2 to 5 years from the time of diagnosis. Professor Hawking lived with his illness for over 50 years. He remained active and had a bright mind in the world of physics and he was well known for his final paper, “Black Hole Entropy and Soft Hair.”

His fellow authors on the paper added the following after he passed:

His co-authors said, “We are deeply saddened to lose our much-loved friend and collaborator Stephen Hawking whose contributions to black hole physics remained vitally stimulating to the very end. This paper summarizes the status of our long-term project on large diffeomorphisms, soft hair, and the quantum structure of black holes until the end of our time together.”

Professor Hawking happened to be the smartest person in and around a room. He supposed to have an IQ of 160, thus placing him in the top one percent of all humans. But it was more of his empathy that separated him from other mental giants. He did not really see the world via a lens of a scientist, but rather through the eyes of a kind, caring individual. Like h said,”

“My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay close attention to the study of theoretical physics. Because one day there may well be proof of multiple universes. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our own universe lies another different universe. And in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction. This girl may like to note that in another possible universe she and Zayn are happily married.”

Remembering Stephen Hawking on his 79th birthday: A legacy of humanity

He was believed like the others and said at a given party when no one turned up at his party for time-travelers, “What a shame. I was hoping a future Miss Universe was going to step through the door.”

He had much to say about politics and was an atheist. He was married several times, had children, and appeared to have a full life. His work has been acknowledged to be part of science and his life was an inspiration to everybody.


Thus Stephen Hawking was popular despite his handicap and made many contributions in the field of science. Stephen Hawking before also may have been different, but after it also he was a remarkable man in his own right.

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