Rohit Sharma reveals secret of his success as Test open

Rohit Sharma reveals secret of his success as Test open

Rohit Sharma plays well as a cricketer and has contributed ell on the field. His strokes are well calculated and he got much admiration from the public.

India can be proud of its cricket players and Rohit Sharma did well in this respect. He has contributed well to the gamut of Indian cricket. Rohit Sharma, cricketer knew the game tactics well.

In his first series as the Test opener, Rohit Sharma, cricketer indeed scored 529 runs in the series with a, of course, a maiden double hundred in the third and final Test against South Africa apart from twin hundreds (176 and 127) in Visakhapatnam. The performance did, of course, earn him the man of the series award. Rohit knew his worth and accordingly contributed to the success of the game. He was a confident player and played diligently on the field and made a mark for himself as a player. India is indeed proud of him. Even his co-players had confidence in his ability to achieve much on the field.

Rohit Sharma, cricketer got much support from the coach and captain in his efforts. He is grateful for this support and for the opportunity to the management for that opening slot.

Rohit Sharma reveals secret of his success as Test open

There was a lot of speculation that all was not well between Rohit and Kohli a couple of months back. Kohli and his coach Ravi Shastri have already rubbished the conjecture.
Rohit did believe much in teamwork. Head coach Ravi Shastri too was satisfied that the experiment to make Rohit open in Test cricket paid off handsomely. Rohit played very well and achieved a lot in his successful career as a cricket professional. He was much admired for his game show.
Opening the batting irrespective of the format does indeed require a certain amount of patience and discipline, which Rohit had in him while he played his game.
Most of the captains had much faith in his ability and admired him for his discipline and hard work in playing the game well. Coach Ravi Shastri’s much believed in his abilities helped him own the opening position in Tests, also thus crediting his own perseverance for the magnificent run so far. Rohit knew the tactics of the game well and was really pro on the field. He made a conscious effort to play well. He was a man of times and did well in securing much admiration from the public.

He was quite humorous in his speech and often cracked jokes that left the audience laughing hard.

He made India proud in several cricket Test matches and was the cynosure of the public wherever he played.

Rohit Sharma rather scored hundreds in both innings in Vizag and was known for it. He was a great success.

Rohit Sharma reveals secret of his success as Test open

India was proud of this player who believed in true sportsmanship and devoting much of time in practice in order to play well during the matches.
Rohit has contributed well and will indeed be remembered for his sportsmanship and ability to deliver the goods. He made his mark on the field as a player and knew how to achieve success.
The public admired Rohit and this indeed made him more interested in ensuring that he does his best. Every player likes to be admired by his fans and they matter to him. Rohit also respected the audience’s feelings and gave his best at every match. He was indeed a roaring success and his captains admired him for such ability to deliver well on the field.
Rohit Sharma, the cricketer has left a mark in the history of Indian cricket and his game tactics have made him the apple of the eye of his admirers. He knew how to play with expertise.

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