Makeup Tips for Monsoon

Makeup Tips for Monsoon

During monsoon, it is important to apply make-up carefully. The bad weather can mar the make-up so it is important to use water-proof products.

It is important to follow a beauty regimen during monsoon time as well, although it is difficult to do so. The rainy downpour makes the hair limp and the skin becomes greasy. Monsoon makeup can indeed be tricky and sudden showers may make also make one’s makeup look patchy or washed off. Makeup tips for healthy and beautiful skin in monsoon need to be followed.

There are beauty tips to follow to look beautiful and gorgeous and ensure that the skin is healthy and glowing during monsoon time. Try out these makeup tips for healthy and beautiful skin in monsoon

Makeup Tips for Monsoon

Monsoon Beauty Tips

1. Cleanse:

In case one has oily skin, efforts can be made to make use of an astringent. In the case of normal skin, it is better to use a toner before applying makeup. Wash one’s face and after that rub an ice cube on the face for 10 minutes. This will indeed help reduce sweating and allow the makeup will last longer.

2. Foundation:

Avoid using too much foundation, especially cream foundations. Use loose powder or mineralized foundation. These are good but should be used sparingly. Use just to take away the greasiness from the face.

3. Blush:

It is better to make use of powder blush and also keep it natural. Dusty pinks and peaches do look great. Avoid using shimmer during monsoon. This is one of the important makeup tips for healthy and beautiful skin in monsoon.

4. Eye-shadows:

Use powder eye-shadows. Several choices are there such as shades of brown, pink, lavender, champagne and blue.

5. Eyeliner, Kajal, and Mascara:

It is advisable to invest in waterproof cosmetics in the monsoon season. It saves embarrassment.

6. Lipstick:

Use matt lipsticks and avoid too much gloss.

7. Eyebrows:

Do not make use of the eyebrow pencil too much. Instead, try to make use of an eyebrow gel to hold the hair in place.

8. Make up for day and night:

Make up for day and night is pretty much the same. Try and keep it minimalistic and natural. However, in the day one can use pastels whereas at night one can make use of deeper colors. This is the case also with using a lipstick.

9. Hygiene and monsoon makeup:

What is important is to keep one’s brushes clean. Store them in a dry place. Preferably have a roll-up pouch or box to store them. Also, keep the makeup neat and tidy. Avoid sharing the lipsticks and brushes. Maintaining hygiene is important. Lastly, it is important to remove makeup before going off to sleep. If one does not, then it will clog the pores and lead to breakouts well as blackheads. Stiff eyelashes are rather prone to break. Drink lots of water and eat healthy for glowing skin.

Makeup tips for healthy and beautiful skin in monsoon should not be ignored.

Indeed monsoon season is a tough time for makeup and bad weather can play havoc with the skin. Applying makeup has to be done carefully and monsoon friendly beauty products are available that one can make use of.

So a woman need not worry about bad weather and can continue to look good with her preferred monsoon make-up choices.

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