Keeping Kids Healthy During Rainy Season

Keeping Kids Healthy During Rainy Season

The rainy season is a difficult time for children. They fall sick as they tend to play in the rain. They are also prone to infections, skin rashes, and colds and coughs.

Rainy seasons can be tough for children and special care has to be shown towards their health. Children tend to fall sick during this season.

Keeping Kids Healthy During Rainy Season

Here are tips to keep kids healthy during rainy season:


There is a lot of humidity in the air during the rainy season. The child may sweat a lot which leads to infections, skin rashes or allergies. It is advisable therefore to maintain proper hygiene. The baby needs to be clean to be healthy.

Dress Properly:

Weather fluctuations are indeed common during the rainy season. Kids need to wear proper clothes to stay warm and comfortable. Synthetic and nylon clothes need to be avoided.

Proper Room Temperature:

As the weather does usually get cold and windy when it does rain, it is better to keep all the windows and doors closed. This helps regulate the temperature of one’s children’s room to a great extent and also keeps mosquitoes and flies out of the room. In case, the weather is too cold, it is better to wrap the child in a thick swaddling blanket or lightweight sleeping bag to make him feel warm as well as cozy. Avoid switching on the air conditioner as it will drop the temperature even lower. Tips to keep kids healthy during the rainy season cannot be ignored.

Avoid wet diapers:

Do not let the child stay in a wet diaper during the rainy season, even for a single minute. Babies, as compared to other seasons, pee more during cold rainy days which might indeed cause them to develop skin rashes. Even a slightly wet diaper can rather make the infant feel cold and it can lead to flu. It is important to make sure to change the baby’s diaper as soon as one notices it is wet or soiled. If possible, try to give the little one some diaper-free time.

Do not let your kids get wet:

If one has toddlers, it may be difficult for one to stop them from playing outside in the rain. They can enjoy the drizzle of rain a bit but need to be supervised. Before the child going out to play outside, it is important to make sure what the child needs to wear as a protective garment, such as a raincoat. Also, make sure that the child does not play with stagnant or polluted water as it may lead to skin allergies and infections.


Accessories such as umbrella, raincoat, face towel, rain boots need to be kept handy. These items are very required for rainy days, especially if the kids are attending school. Face towels are also required along with rain boots.

Vitamins/food supplements:

Keep one’s kid’s health in good condition by serving them the right nutrition as well as a food supplement. One needs to make sure to serve them healthy as well as nutritious foods to make sure they get sufficient vitamins and nutrients which keep them healthy.

Insect repellents:

Insect repellents are essential during the rainy season as insects, particularly mosquitoes and cockroaches hang around.

Symptoms watch:

Parents need to take care of symptoms related to cough, sneezing, dengue as well as malaria. Children suffer from runny nose and red eyes. A pediatrician needs to be consulted.
Tips to keep kids healthy during rainy season need to be kept in mind.

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