Hair Loss: Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Loss and Natural Remedies

Hair Loss: Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Loss and Natural Remedies

Home remedies for hair fall and re-growth can do wonders to prevent hair loss. It is important to know how to stop hair fall immediately at home and using ayurvedic remedies does help.

It is indeed normal for a person to lose a few strands of hair every day as new hair does replace the lost ones. However, when a person loses more than a few hair strands and the hair growth is slow, it can be a cause of much concern. Hair loss can develop rather gradually or it can occur suddenly. However, with ayurvedic treatment and certain home remedies that happen to be natural and effective, it is possible for hair to re-grow.

It is good to try out home remedies for hair fall and re-growth.

If trying to re-grow hair, here are few natural remedies for trying out: 

Massage the with ayurvedic hair oil

Scalp massage does boost the scalp’s health and also promotes new hair growth. Regular scalp massage does stimulate the follicles, thereby encouraging hair growth. To try to massage one’s scalp making use of one’s fingertips at least once a day. Such head massage can indeed be very relaxing as well as soothing.

By dividing the hair into smaller sections and applying oil to the scalp, the hair growth will improve. Rather than making use of hair oil that is full of chemicals, it is better to make use of ayurvedic hair oil. Massaging hair with ayurvedic oil can rather help a person in getting rid of clogged and blocked hair follicles.

In case a person s feeling that he or she is losing more hair than usual, then he or she should try out ayurvedic oil for hair loss. It is prepared with natural ingredients such as neelini, bringaraj, and amla, and the oil will help reduce hair fall. It is but obvious that regular use of this oil will indeed promote hair growth and thus prevent premature greying. Often people are concerned about how to stop hair fall immediately at home.

Hair Loss: Ayurvedic Oil for Hair Loss and Natural Remedies

Eat right for healthy hair

Proteins are the building blocks of one’s hair and, thus, it is important to make sure that a person eats a protein-rich diet. Citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, and nuts, and seeds do give strength to a persons’ hair. Also, spinach and other green leafy vegetables are indeed loaded with nutrients that do promote hair growth.

Use a hair mask

Using a hair mask can rather help a person to protect his or her hair from harsh weather as well as pollution. It is also good to make use of shikakai and amla (Indian gooseberry) to make the hair mask. Amla happens to be rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Shikakai does promote hair growth by nourishing hair follicles. Mix shikakai as well as amla powder in equal quantities. Add warm coconut oil and then leave the mixture for a few hours. Apply the mask on the scalp and leave it for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it with water.

Be gentle with the hair

Detangling one’s hair can make the mornings stressful. However, if it is possible to take out a few minutes for one’s hair in the mornings, then it is feasible to prevent the hair strands from becoming brittle and weak. It is better to make use of a wide-tooth comb to gently remove the knots. Never detangle the wet hair as it may cause hair fall as well as breakage. Make sure that all hair products are free from chemicals to ensure healthy, strong, and shiny hair.


Hair loss is distressing and naturally, the affected person would like to re-grow his or her hair. Ayurvedic oil treatment does help to ensure a healthy hair re-growth. Thus home remedies for hair fall and re-growth are worth trying out.

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