5 Myths about Night Cream

5 Myths about Night Cream

There are several myths about night cream which need to be known. Also, it is important to know when to use a night cream for radiant skin.

Nighttime means “Beauty sleep” as the skin tends to regenerate itself and repairing of cells takes place. Before going to bed It is good to spend some time nourishing the skin daily as it will ensure radiant skin. After cleansing and removing the dirt and makeup, pollutants, dust, etc. efforts need to be made to restore the skin with a night cream.

It is important to know when to use a night cream for the best results.

Myths about Night Cream 

Myth 1: Day and night cream are the same thing

A question often asked is why a person cannot use the day cream for skin at night. Technically, a day moisturizer can be made use of, but there is more to it. Day cream happens to be lighter than night cream and also contains SPF meant to protect skin from the sun. Some sunscreens do clog pores. So using them at night is not all that good. Also, the person using it may not be able to get the extra hydration skin needs at night. Daytime moisturizers are meant to protect skin from the elements it gets exposed to. On the other hand, night creams are used for skin hydration and replenishment.

Myth 2: I’m too young for a night cream!

The production of collagen, a major building block in the maintenance of hair, skin, and nails, can decrease as early as age 25. Many night creams do contain ingredients that make the skin healthy such as Vitamin C, collagen, Co Q-10, and hyaluronic acid. Night cream needs to be part of one’s skincare routine as it helps maintain a youthful complexion.

Myth 3: Night cream is a marketing ploy from the beauty business

Often night cream is considered to be a ploy on the part of sellers to make a fast buck. Yet, rather than waking up with dry, tight skin, it is better to use a night cream as it keeps the skin radiant. The night cream is not a “magic potion” but enables proper care of the skin.

5 Myths about Night Cream

Myth 4: Night cream doesn’t do anything

While sleeping the skin loses moisture. Not drinking sufficient water makes the skin look listless and an overheated room also depletes moisture in the skin. Instead of waking looking refreshed, the skin will look dry, dehydrated, and tight, thus resulting in a tired and rundown look. The night cream is designed to hydrate as well as support aging skin. Night creams contain ingredients that help hydrate slowly over several hours, such as hyaluronic acid which helps treat fine lines and wrinkles.

Myth 5: Night cream only works if it is expensive

One of the biggest myths about skincare is that if the product is more expensive, it has better ingredients; however, this is a common misperception. High-end luxury brands can and do charge more for the name, fancy bottles, and marketing through celebrity spokespeople. Many pricey night potions contain “fragrance” or “perfume” as the first listed ingredient—a sign that you may not be getting the best ingredients for your skin. Don’t equate more money with better skincare; always read the label!

Night cream does have ingredients that help supplement the skin with antioxidant Co Q-10, and the formulas are not greasy or heavy. They have a smooth texture and the skin can easily absorb the cream ingredients. The essential fatty acids in argan oil do moisturize the skin well thus leaving it soft as well as nourished skin.

It is necessary to follow a good night skincare routine and also know when to use a night cream.

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