Habits That Make Your Bones Weak

Habits That Make Your Bones Weak

Habits That Make Your Bones Weak

Some of the food items remove calcium from the body through urine. Below mentioned are few of the Habits That Make Your Bones Weak

Siting In A Wrong Position

Sitting on the floor for a long time will have a devastating effect on your leg joints as they are frequently being subjected to wear and tear.

Not Taking Fish And Calcium-Rich Foods

People who don’t take calcium foods such as milk, yogurt, fish (salmon and sardines) etc are at a higher risk of bone density loss and weak bones. They can get a fracture with a small fall. So save your bones by adding calcium-rich foods into your daily diet. They work better than calcium supplements.

Do Milk Exercises

Going for just a 15 minute of a walk is also enough if you are running out of time. Do some activities that will make your rigid bone joints free and flexible. In this way, the friction of bone joints will decrease and then bone and joint pain will subside. This is one of the bad habits that ruin bone health.

Not Sitting Under Sun

In most states of India such as Kashmir, the sunlight rarely comes out from the mighty clouds. So people can’t avail the benefits of vitamin D of the sun. When the sun is shining, go outside and sit for some time to get vitamin D for your bones to make them strong.

More Salt Intake

Salt removes calcium from the body through urine. So if you have the habit of having processed and junk foods that are high in salt, limit them as your bones will start getting weak. Also, limit salt intake in your daily foods. You can also opt for low sodium salt available in the market. It is one of the habits that are harmful to bone health.

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