Do celebrities enjoy fame?

Do celebrities enjoy fame

Celebrities love fame and money but also find it difficult to always be in the limelight. Their private life is exposed to the public.

Celebrities enjoy fame and money and do enjoy their work. No doubt the job requires talent and hard work but at the end of the day, they enjoy the creative work. The question that often arises in one’s mind is: Do celebrities enjoy their fame?

Do celebrities enjoy  fame

Do celebrities feel bad?

Certainly, some feel they do to an extent, as with fame exposure to a lot of negatives is there. The celebrities have to cope up with those negatives and the more famous they happen to be, the more hurdles they need to jump over. They can have a normal life if they were not celebrities. As celebrities, their daily movements are watched by the public. Privacy is encroached upon. They do at the time hope they could lead a life of an ordinary citizen and be left alone by the public. Some feel positive about it but others feel they cannot move around freely.

They no doubt enjoy their money and do enjoy their work. Yet some feel their world is not realistic and often cannot differentiate between acting and real feelings. They can emote their feelings and one doubts their emotions at times. Naturally, the question that arises is: Do celebrities enjoy their fame?

It is understood Britney Spears lives all the attention and the photographs taken. There are moments when they like to avoid the photographs but that is the price one pays for fame. They get congratulated on their success and receive awards for their acting. It is a great moment for them and the whole world watches them. They are popular figures.
These celebrities can afford luxuries and have large homes that are well decorated and furnished with expensive items.
Nevertheless, they cannot be an ordinary citizen and walk around on the roads freely as they will get mauled by the public. It is but obvious to raise the question: Do celebrities enjoy their fame?

What celebrities cope up with?

Celebrities have to cope up with rumors and gossip that can make life hell. Their personal lives and relationships are in the open. They cannot lead normal lives at times.

No doubt, they enjoy their lives as there is a lot of money at stake, but there are moments when they do miss their simple aspects of daily living that an ordinary citizen enjoys.

Fame and fortune are what people usually secretly crave for. People do envy the status of the celebrity and also dream that they can have all those luxuries in life that they have. Yet being constantly being followed around by paparazzi, legally bound by thousands of content contracts and receiving more money are important issues to deal with and live with. Celebrities do go crazy at times. They take crazy selfies on rooftops, and some of them lose their mental balance over their fame. Life is tough indeed and celebrities have to make a lot of sacrifices in their lives to attain fame and money. Why not then ask: Do celebrities enjoy their fame?


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