Why women use makeup

Why do women wear makeup

Women use make-up to look good and more attractive at home and in their workplace. It improves their relationships and they feel more confident about themselves.

The important question that does arise is why do women wear makeup?

It is understood that an estimated 44 percent of American women do not like to leave their homes without makeup on. Why do women wear makeup?

Why do women wear makeup

1. Camouflage :

Women who are rather anxious and insecure tend to use makeup to appear less noticeable.

2. Seduction :

Women like to be noticed on account of attractiveness prefer to use makeup to be more confident, sociable as well as assertive.

These 44 percent of women do indeed believe that if they show their natural, untouched face, they will not really accomplish either of those things, and they may be treated differently. They suffer from fears in their minds about their looks. Why do women wear makeup is a million-dollar question.

Women from their younger age have been taught that to be successful in everything, from dating to job interviews to forming friendships with other popular girls, they do need to look pretty.

Universal characteristics contributing to woman’s attractiveness:

1: The amount of color contrast applied to the eyes and lips does make a difference. Women usually want darker lips and skin around the eyes. Lipstick and eye shadow are used to enhance features.

2: How symmetrical the face is?

The majority of faces are a bit asymmetrical–either one side will be wider than another, eye shapes will also have minor differences, one cheekbone may be a bit less pronounced, etc.
Makeup covers these facial differences.

Wear concealer/foundation

Foundation is applied regularly and is an integral part of the make-up. Research does show that women who wear makeup have higher earnings and promotion potential. Skin tone discolorations, tired eye bags, and blemishes can make a person look tired or sickly.

If one has acne scars or other blemishes, one needs to realize that foundation masks if not fully cover them. This means that despite foundation the skin tone is not completely. It is better to make use of concealer to hide the blemishes.

Similarly, oily skin also can lessen the evenness of one’s skin. Removing the distracting shine by applying the powder on top of one’s foundation. Keep a compact in the bag so that it is possible to reapply as per requirement throughout the day.

Make-up needs:


This adds a pink tint to one’s cheeks and makes a person look younger.

Mascara, eye shadow and eyeliner:

Women tend to have more color variation around their eyes, and therefore eye makeup does enhance that and makes a person look more attractive.


This does increase the color contrast of the mouth.


Contouring the face makes it more symmetrical in addition to sharpening your angles.

How Make-up affects Relationships?

Make-up improves relationships as it makes the woman more attractive. It enhances their personality.

Women are rather jealous of other women wearing makeup and perceive them as being more promiscuous. This is so when they put on bold, sexy makeup, such as eye shadow and dark/bright lipstick.

1. Women tend to identify better with other women who wear similar makeup. Why do women wear makeup can be answered by such observations.

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