7 Common Childhood Illnesses and Treatments

7 Common Childhood Illnesses and Treatments

Children do suffer from various illnesses and parents have to ensure that proper care and treatment are provided to them. It is advisable to consult the pediatrician.

Children suffer from common diseases quite easily on account of their immune system not being so well built. Much attention needs to be given to their health immediately as they can suffer from serious infections quickly.

It is important to get them vaccinated regularly and thus their body gets strengthened to cope up with infections. Parents need to know about childhood illnesses and their treatments. It is important to seek a doctor’s advice.

7 Common Childhood Illnesses and Treatments

1. A sore throat and cough:

In case a child suffers from cough and sore throat then he or she has been exposed to bacteria. In case it is a viral infection, then the willing receiver within seven to 10 days without any antibiotics. In case of extreme cough then parents can administer cough syrup to relieve pain. Yet cough syrup needs to be given on doctor’s advice as there could be side-effects.

2. Pain in the ear:

The cause needs to be identified for proper treatment. It is better to consult a pediatrician. The causes for ear infection do vary and the infection spreads to the canal. There is pressure on the eardrum on account of the cold. Also, the pain felt due to teeth growing can go onto the ear. Right medication has to be administered depending upon the cause. Antibiotics may have to be given. If pain is due to growing teeth then painkillers have to be given. This happens to be one of the childhood illnesses and their treatments

3. Urinary Tract Infection:

This is very common among young children especially when they tend to learn using the toilet. It occurs due to bacteria in the bladder or the urinary tract. The symptoms experienced are Itching or burning while urinating, the need to urinate frequently, abdominal pain. To ascertain the cause a urine test needs to be done. The doctor will prescribe the required medication.

4. Skin infection:

Children have soft and sensitive skin and at times are exposed to microbes thus causing infections that can develop into rash very quickly. The rash could be at the site of infection or be a symptom of the infection. A culture or swab test helps to identify the causing pathogen and the infection can be treated accordingly. Appropriate medication will be prescribed by the doctor.

5. Bronchiolitis:

During cold or even flu season, that is changing weather time, infants can develop bronchiolitis. In case, this serious than on will be able to hear wheezing sounds when the child breathes. The common cause of this health issue is a virus and does not require antibiotics.

6. Common Cold:

Viruses occurring in the upper respiratory tracts cause colds in children. Children often suffer from common cold about six to eight times a year. Therefore parents need not get scared about children catching a cold. The common cold does not require antibiotic medication. The symptoms need to be treated. Children can recover in a week or ten days from a bout of the common cold.

7. Bacterial sinusitis:

This is different from the common cold and is more serious. Green mucus from the nose or even the throat is not a sign of this health issue as it can be caused due to a common cold. It is important to get the child checked up for bacterial sinusitis in case the symptoms of cold such as day-time cough, nasal discharge, etc. do last for more than ten days. The condition is serious if accompanied by fever lasting three o four days and is followed by a thick yellow nasal discharge. Medications are prescribed by the doctor. Love and care must be showered on the child.

Childhood illnesses and their treatments need to know and familiarized by parents in order to take good care of their child.

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