7 ways to prevent cold among children

7 ways to prevent cold among children

Colds cause much discomfort to children and parents, therefore, they need to make sure that they do not suffer from them. Prevention is better than cure.

Children suffer from common cold and parents need to take required precautions to prevent them from suffering. Colds affect their respiratory system on account of viruses in the air. There are ways to prevent cold in children’s health. A child has to be well protected from viruses and bacteria prevalent in the air.

7 ways to prevent cold among children

On the whole, a child suffers from cold 3 to 8 times in a year and the duration of each cold is around a week. Colds are contagious and spread through contact with hands or orally when the person coughs or sneezes. The virus does enter via the nostrils after the cooling of the mucous membrane when one has a cold. Complications are there and therefore required precautions need to be taken as there are ways to prevent cold in children’s health.

1. Keep the hands clean:

Via hands cold can spread and therefore it is important to teach children to wash their hands properly. They need to wash them frequently so a routine must be set for this. Hygiene improves and prevents bacteria from spreading to others.

2. Cover the mouth:

Children need to be taught to cover their mouths with a handkerchief while coughing or even cover their nose while sneezing. In case, they cover their mouths with hands they need to wash their hands immediately.

3. Keep the toys clean:

Toys need to be cleaned as bacteria can spread via them Children come in contact with these objects as they play with them together. They may put their mouths close to the toy and that causes the spreading of the virus.

4. Prevent cigarette smoke:

Parents must avoid smoking close to their children. Also, they need to ensure that other smokers also keep away from them.

5. Closed spaces need to be avoided:

Children need to play in open and well-ventilated spaces. Humidifiers can be made use of.

6 Humidity:

An environment that is too humid is not adequate for children and neither a dry one too. A humidifier can be used to regulate the temperature. Colds proliferate in humid weather.

7. Hydrated:

Children need to be kept well hydrated. They need to drink plenty of water or otherwise. The well-hydrated child does get affected by cold so easily.

These are ways to prevent cold in children’s health. Parents need to protect their child well during the cold season or even the rainy season. They can catch a cold easily from other children who are affected by the virus.

The healthy atmosphere needs to be created at home so that proper hygiene is maintained at all costs. Children need to play in a clean atmosphere. The temperature within the room needs to be maintained at comfortable levels. Toys need to be clean and interactions among children healthy. Smokers need to be kept at a distance from children.

It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that the child is well taken care of and does not suffer from colds.

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