Best Foods For Healthy Joints

Best Foods For Healthy Joints

Best Foods For Healthy Joints

Joints of our body are very important for body movement and are more prone to wear and tear. Damage to the joints can occur in any age and is a very unbearable condition. Best Foods For Healthy Joints.

Mostly joints of legs are more affected and many diseases such as arthritis can attack the joints. You must take care of your joints early in the life to prevent the joint damage. As once joints are damaged, it is very difficult to treat them.

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How to keep the joints healthy? You must go for simple exercises and lifestyle change to keep the joints healthy. Apart from this there are some best foods to eat for the healthy joints. These foods will avoid joint damage all over the body.

These foods for joints can restore the joints fluid which is very important to prevent resistance in joints. It is possible to protect the joints now by simple means without having any medicines.

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We would help to toady in protecting your joints by sharing with you some best and healthy foods for joints and bones. Take the look at some of home remedies for healthy joints.

Best Foods For Healthy JointsAsthma

Those suffering from the asthma might also go through the tough time during summer particularly when air pollution levels are on the rise.


Inflammation in the joints for longer period of time can cause the joint damage by allowing free radicals in body to attack the joint. Almonds protect outer membrane of the joints from damage. They are rich in vitamin E and antioxidants that prevent joint inflammation and pain.


It is one of best foods to eat for healthy joints. Papayas are richest source of vitamin C and a research has shown that people having low levels of vitamin C are more prone to joint damage and arthritis. They are also rich in the antioxidants which prevent joint damage and inflammation.


They are rich in quercitin and antioxidants that help to keep the joint pain and joint damage at bay. They are among best foods to prevent arthritis. Apples help to build up collagen in joints which acts as the shock absorber for joints and prevents them from damage caused by excess pressure.


As bones become delicate and brittle joints also become weak and damaged. Kale is rich in the calcium which enhances bone health and thereby protects joints too from damage. They are also rich in copper which helps to build the collagen and tendon of joints. It also contains the manganese for growth and repair of joints.


It prevents the joint damage and inflammation by decreasing free radicals in body causing joint damage. It is also rich in the calcium which maintains healthy bones and joints.

Black Beans

They contain manganese and another substance called as anthocyanins. Both of these are very important for joint health as they protect them from the damage and inflammation. Anthocyanins is an antioxidant that removes the free radicals from body and prevents the joint damage.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is rich in the omega 3 fatty acids which alleviates joint inflammation and pain. It works same as that of anti-inflammatory drugs. Walnut oil also has same properties and is one of best home remedies for the healthy joints


It is an age old remedy for the joint pain and inflammation. It contains the substance called as gingerol which relieves the joint pain and inflammation. You can make ginger tea and have it daily to eases the joint pain and inflammation.

Green Tea

It prevents damage of cartilage in joints and keeps it in good health. By having green tea you prevent your joints from damage as it is rich in antioxidants which removes free radicals causing damage to body and joints as well. However have only one cup of green tea daily. Don’t over use it as it is also having it’s own side effects.
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