Health Benefits Of Honey & Milk

health benefits of honey and milk

Health Benefits Of Honey & Milk

The term honey and milk goes way back to times of remains. Legend says that even Cleopatra used to have the honey and milk to stay youthful and healthy. The health benefits of honey and milk when combined together increases or boosts the immunity, helps in weight loss and is naturally good for fertility. Honey and milk is widely used for the weight loss as well. Normally, honey is added to green tea or warm water to help in the weight loss. But according to the recent study, adding honey to milk and consuming it in morning will also lead to rapid weight loss and has other health benefits too. Milk, on other hand, is known for its rich content of the mineral and vitamins. It also has the great amount of calcium, lactic acid and animal protein that is beneficial for the bone health in children and women. Therefore, when these 2 healthy ingredients are combined, it provides you with the better health. Take a look at these health benefits of honey and milk:


Milk and honey helps to alleviate the digestion problems. The nutrients present in these 2 ingredients rouse the growth and development of the probiotics. The good bacteria develops in digestive system thus curing the problem. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to 1 cup of skim milk, and consume for the better digestion.


In summer our stamina drops down due to the heat. To increase the stamina or metabolism naturally, include the milk and honey to your daily breakfast. Milk contain proteins and honey has carbohydrates which is good to enhance stamina

Bone Health

One of best health benefits of taking milk and honey together is, it helps in strengthening the bone health. Milk is the rich source of calcium and honey has small amount of calcium too. Therefore, when these 2 ingredients are combined it benefits the bone health.


Getting sleepless nights? Here is perfect home remedy to treat insomnia. Honey and warm milk are effectual individually, but when combined it acts a lot more powerful in treating the sleep disorders.

Cures Constipation

The optimum health benefit of honey and milk is it cures constipation issues. Add 1 tablespoon of honey to the cup of warm milk. Consume this drink on an empty stomach first thing in morning to help to ease the constipation problem.

To Fight Cold

To fight summer cold, One should drink warm milk and honey. This natural drink contains the antibacterial properties to combat infections and vitamins to provide the strength to fight infections of cold.

health benefits of honey and milkFertility

Honey and milk is good for fertility as they contain minerals and amino acids. These 2 properties stimulate ovaries and promote the reproductive system. It is one of best health benefits of honey and milk.

Weight Loss

You might have come across the lot of home remedies for the weight loss. Although, honey and milk are best ingredients to help you to lose weight. Honey contains energy in form of proteins to keep you on move, milk on other hand contains properties that cuts fat that build up in the body.


Burn Heart burn can be cured by drinking honey and milk after a meal. To a cup of cold milk add the dollop of honey. Mix ingredients well and sip on the drink post meal to cure heart burn instantly.


Cough can be treated by drinking the warm milk and honey. Since honey contains the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties it would reduce infection and get rid of cough in no time.

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