Amazing & Interesting Facts About Baldness

Interesting facts about baldness

Amazing & Interesting Facts About Baldness

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It is the fact that man still has not revealed the actual reason behind the baldness. Some of the reasons that most of us consider in are chemicals in shampoo, poor blood circulation to head, poor nutrition, stress & genetics.

Well, if studies are to be believed, then 1 reason behind this baldness could be genes or hereditary. If the ancestors are bald, then the risk factor might increase. Al though this reason cannot be totally relied upon, some experts say that the maternal ancestors can be one of the reason.

Is baldness always hereditary or genetic? Well, there are also cases where some subjects never went bald still when ancestors from both the sides of parents were bald.

Some studies say’s that men above the age of fifty five have a high chance of experiencing model baldness simply due to age factor. Hair loss at an disturbing level is known as male pattern baldness.

It all starts with the retreating hairline. Then, the hair becomes thinner in that area (at centre of the head). Then a scrap forms in an area where all the hair is gone. This is how baldness occurs.

Now, let us discuss some interesting facts about baldness.

Fact :  1

A study found that nearly 42 percent of men experience hair loss after the age of thirt five. A study say’s that every man might experience some amount of the hair loss at least once during his lifetime.

Fact : 2

Interesting facts about baldnessVitamin deficiencies can also trigger the hair loss which might lead to baldness. Malnutrition can trigger the baldness.

Fact : 3

Stress can also contribute to extreme levels of the hair loss. There are situations where some of the people lost patches of hair only due to the stress.

Fact : 4

All of us lose at least 60 to 90 hair follicles on a daily basis. This is part of the wear & tear of the hair.

Fact : 5

Even everyday combing & shampooing can cause the hair loss at a insignificant level. But some of us seldom notice it; those who notice might worry about it.

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