Top 7 super Foods For Dengue Patients

Top 7 super Foods For Dengue Patients

Top 7 super Foods For Dengue Patients

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Dengue fever falls under the chronic illness category. Patients diagnosed with dengue, if left untreated or lately diagnosed, there is a chances to lose their life. It is a viral infection caused due to the mosquito bite.

As per worldwide statistics, dengue fever is widespread worldwide but highest number of dengue cases is recorded in the Asian continent, India being on top of the list. Around, 100 million dengue fever cases so far are recorded across the world.

 Sudden high fever, nausea, joint pain, pain behind eyes, headaches,  & vomiting are common symptoms of the dengue fever. Till date, no vaccine is found out but normally treated with allopathic medicines like Paracetamols, Analgesics etc.

Since it is a incurable disease, patients having dengue fever symptoms should be admitted to hospitals instantly for quick and effectual treatment. Along with medicines, doctors recommend a strict diet for dengue patients for speedy recovery.

Dengue treatment needs heavy doses of the medicine & at the same time food is taken in less quantity which makes patients very weak. Nevertheless, it is a moment of relief that this deadly disease can be cured with the proper care & instant treatment.

Care should be taken as selecting foods for dengue patients as those foods should be taken easily and even digestible. This is because dengue effects the liver of a person & because of weak liver condition, it becomes difficult for body to digest food easily.

Diet for the dengue patients normally includes lot of fluid intake, green vegetables & proteins. Some of the recommended food enclosures are :

More Fluid Intake

Maximum intake of the fluid is the first thing to comprise in diet for the dengue patients. It is sensible to include nutrient rich fluids apart from liquids such as ORS, sugar cane juice, caring coconut water, lime juice, fresh orange juice & a variety of fruit juices. Drinking ample of fluids helps in removing toxins or unhealthy substances from the body.

Diet rich in protein

Dairy products, eggs, chicken, & fish are highly recommended foods for the dengue patients to fight the dengue virus. Proteins should be included in diet once the fever fall down slowly as protein rich diet helps in the quick recovery & helps regaining the lost nutrients necessary for body.

Papaya acts as Traditional Medicine

Many times, people in remote areas rely on the traditional medicines or home remedies to cure many diseases. Juice extracted from the papaya leaf is one such example which is known to be very effectual natural cure for the dengue fever

Top 7 super Foods For Dengue PatientsThe Vegetarian diet

After fluid intake, most of the important additions in diet for dengue patients are almost all sorts of vegetables, mainly the fresh leafy vegetables. Care should be taken not to overcook the vegetables to keep the nutrients essential.

No spicy and oily food

Spicy & oily foods are a big no for patients recovering the dengue fever. Not only such food becomes complicated for digestion, fever may get aggravated too.

Include soups & boiled food

Patients suffering from the dengue normally do not like to eat much solid food. In such cases, gentle soups can be included so that vitamins, minerals, protein levels are maintained. If necessary, mashed boiled food can be given with little seasoning.

Tea with Ginger

 Lastly, one of the effectual foods for the dengue patients is tea mixed with aromatic medicinal herbs. Ginger tea being most effectual due to its a variety of medicinal properties.

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