7 Ways to Care for your Eyebrows

7 Ways to Care for your Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows make your face look good. It is important to take care of one’s eyebrows. One must take care of them as one takes care of one’s skin, eyes as well as hair.

How you can care your Eyebrows

1. Visiting a professional

In order to get a perfect eyebrow shape at home is something one needs to think of. One must get a professional to do it. When you are seated with your head bent backward, the beautician can also work on one’s eyebrows, keeping one’s face shape in mind.

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2. Opt for threading

Several of the beauty salons where they make use of wax in order to get rid of the extra hair growth around one’s eyebrows. One must never make use of wax on the area. Not only can it enters one’s eyes, but also does cause injury around one’s eye area. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and if waxed, can also tear a nerve around one’s eyes.

3. Invest in a good pair of tweezers

For the upkeep of one’s eyebrows at home, one can buy a pair of tweezers. Tweezers are useful when one can go to a party or office meeting, and also do not have sufficient time to visit a salon. One must be careful while using tweezers that one does not cause injury to the eye.

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4. Avoid making them too thin or too bold

You must always keep your face shape in mind when getting your eyebrows groomed. Going too thin or too bold with your brows may make your face look large or small. Innocuous as they look, the shape of your eyebrows can make your face look thinner or larger.

5. Brush the brows in proper place

In case one wakes up in the morning one has to take a thin-tooth soft comb and brush one’s eyebrows into place. One can also do this do this before one steps out of one’s house for work. One can use hairspray on one’s brows to keep them intact for a longer duration of time.

6. Fill them in

If one has sparse eyebrows, take a pencil eyeliner in brown or black and shade one’s eyebrow. Much will depend upon how dark one wants one’s eyebrows to be. To enhance one’s eyes do apply a bit of mineral compact powder around one’s eye area and with also the help of a makeup brush and blend it in.

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7. Highlight them

Make use of a little highlighter just under one’s arch of one’s eyes that will accentuate one’s brow line. This will indeed make one look younger and also one’s eyes will look bigger.


From ancient times grooming of eyes has been there. In ancient times, every culture and race had their own way of grooming their eyebrows. Beauticians, as well as make-up professionals all over the world, did shape their eyebrows and provide many definitions to one’s eyes as well as forehead. Even now women are very conscious of their looks and to ensure that their eyebrows are in proper shape.

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