7 Spices that Help You Lose Weight

7 Spices that Help You Lose Weight

Excessive weight is not healthy and one would like to lose weight in a healthy manner. Eating healthy is very important to lose weight and one can add spices to one’s food to lose those extra kilos. It is good to know which spices help one to lose weight.


It is popularly referred to as vrikshamla, brindell berries and garcinia, mangosteen and is much in spice in India.

It does suppress the appetite, and also helps in stopping one’s body from storing fat.


A study in England does show a significant increase nearly about 25% in metabolism among those who ate it.

What one needs is simply a teaspoonful of red or cayenne pepper along with each meal.

Its spicy content makes one lose weight considerably.

One eats less if it is hot and spicy and also drinks more liquid to cool off one’s mouth. In this way, one loses weight. One feels full and eats less, therefore.

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This is indeed a very common spice which is supposed to increase one’s metabolism levels.

It has a peppery taste and contains a component called piperine, which

Helps in stimulating one’s central nervous system.

This sort of stimulation is why it is supposed to contain metabolism-boosting properties.

It is better to be taken as freshly ground pepper as it works best, and this way the piperine helps one to lose weight.


Ginger may also help to boost metabolism. It does aids digestion, and this effective digestion is very essential to lose weight.

It does not take more than a teaspoon of fresh ginger, even if it is less if one uses it as dried in order to obtain several benefits. It helps in burning calories.


This is a popular spice that provides food a rich as well as yellow tinge and can reduce our body’s absorption of fat. It supposed to reduce the growth of fat tissues in the body.

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It is good to have mustard with each meal. It happens to be especially a whole-grain or of Asian varieties that can help burn fat. It contains selenium, which does help in regulating one’s blood sugar levels.

Selenium is also considered to be an aid in weight loss.


In addition to regulating one’s blood sugar, cinnamon also helps our body system to digest carbohydrates. It also boosts the body’s production of insulin, which does help in the digestion of carbohydrate. This helps one to lose excessive fat which is bad for health.

Cinnamon also does help in lowering lower cholesterol levels.

These spices also add much flavor to our foods and are therefore tasty as well as beneficial. They can add flavor to low-fat as well as low-calorie foods. If one adds spice to a food dish one tends to eat less of it and thus loses weight. One cannot eat much of spicy food. Eating less permits one to lose weight.


Spices add taste to one’s food but at the same time, they also contain beneficial ingredients which are good for one’s health. Eating these spices one can also maintain proper weight.

One must maintain balanced weight as excessive weight can cause health issues such as hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases etc. Consuming spices does allow us to ensure that we are eating a healthy diet.

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