7 foods that can keep you hydrated

7 foods that can keep you hydrated

Staying hydrated is just not about drinking eight glasses of water per day. In addition to water and healthy drinks, certain foods can also contribute to the fluid intake. You can keep yourself hydrated with these immensely hydrating foods. Read foods that can keep you hydrated

The following are the 7 foods that can keep you hydrated

7 foods that can keep you hydratedcucumbers: Eating cucumbers is one of an excellent way to detoxify the body and keep body hydrated. They contain 95 percent of water, which helps to eliminate the accumulated waste and toxins from body.

7 foods that can keep you hydratedwatermelon: The sweet and juicy fruit watermelon is 95 percent water. It also enhances your daily vitamin A and C intake, which are key nutrients for an eye health.

7 foods that can keep you hydratedStrawberries not only deliver the vitamins to you but also keep you hydrated. They contain 91 percent of water, which can contribute significantly towards your overall fluid intake. You can have them as afternoon snacks or add them to the baked foods and salads.

7 foods that can keep you hydratedyogurt: Be sure you are getting the probiotics in form of regular plain yogurt as it contains 80-85 percent water. Yogurt can also fill you up with the calcium and vitamin-B.

The sweet cherry tomatoes make an excellent hydrating snack as they contain 94 percent water. You can also delight them by adding cherry tomatoes to salads and sandwiches.

7 foods that can keep you hydratedRadish should be must addition to your summer salads. They not only hydrate the body but also offer you with the antioxidant ‘catechin’ that protects your body from the free radical damage.

7 foods that can keep you hydratedBell peppers have the high water content. They are also packed with the high amounts of folate and vitamin K, hence, adding them to your salads, pizzas and tortillas can be a good idea.

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