Reasons to have mooli or radish

Reasons to have mooli or radish

Radishes is popularly known as mooli in an India, may not be top the list of the favourite vegetables but when mooli comes to nutrition & health benefits they definitely secure top rank among all other vegetables. Consume them as raw or add them to the healthy vegetable recipe, these nutrition – loaded root vegetables have a numerous benefits to offer. Here are few Reasons to have mooli or radish.

Lowers a cancer risk:Reasons to have mooli or radish

Mooli contains phyto – chemicals & anthocyanins that have an anti – carcinogenic properties. In addition, they contain vitamin C that acts as powerful anti – oxidants to prevent from free radical damage to DNA inside the cells, thus helping a cancer prevention.

Regulates the blood pressure:

Radish has an anti – hypertensive properties that help to regulate & control the high blood pressure. Radish is rich in a potassium that helps to maintain the sodium – potassium balance in the body, hence keeping the blood pressure under control.

Good for a diabetics:

Insulin, a hormone concealed by pancreas is responsible in the absorption of a glucose. Diabetics are either unable to absorb the insulin in their body produces or unable to produce a insulin at all. Because of this, they cannot have sugary / starchy foods. High in fibre, and with low glycemic index, diabetics can enjoy mooli as it does not cause blood sugar levels to rise.

Beats cold and cough:

If you are prone to stable cough & cold, it might be good idea to include radish in the diet. The vegetable has anti – congestive properties which can helps in clearing the mucus formed in the throat. In addition, radish also improves the immunity which keeps an infections that lead to cold and cough at bay.

Helps to recover from jaundice:

Mooli is powerful when it comes to eliminating a toxins. This helps to keep the liver and stomach in fortune condition. What makes a radish an effective in controlling the jaundice is that it helps to regulate the amount of bilirubin in blood and increases the oxygen supply within the body. This helps to keep a check on destruction of red blood cells caused by jaundice.

Good for the asthma patients:

Radish has anti – congestive properties that make an extremely beneficial for asthmatic patients. It also fights an allergies of the respiratory system & protects the respiratory linings against an infections.

Keeps looking younger:

Raddish Contains vitamin C & anti – oxidants, mooli can be eaten to prevent the skin from free – radical damage. We can even apply crushed raw mooli on the skin as it has cleansing properties.

Keeps the kidneys healthy:

The natural diurectic property of moolis makes them an extremely good for increasing kidney health. They help in an elimination of toxins from the body, acting as natural cleanser.

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All these properties make radish must – buy next time when you go for grocery shopping.

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