The healthy way to use clove to lose weight

The healthy way to use clove to lose weight

If a person trying to lose weight but have not been to successful, here is a great natural remedy that would help to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. Read about The healthy way to use clove to lose weight

How does it help ?

Clove, pepper,cinnamon, and cumin seeds have very strong anti – cholesteremic and anti – lipid properties that help to get rid of cholesterol levels, lowers plasma glucose levels and has been found to help people with the metabolic syndrome and other obesity related disorder. Apart from that, when the 3 combine it also helps to improve a digestion and metabolism, helping the body burn the fat to consume more efficiently. What is more this mixture also helps to dibetics as it helps to control cholesterol levels & regulates the blood glucose levels.

How to prepare it ?

To make this mixture need 50 grams of cinnamon, pepper, cardamom, and cumin seeds or jeera each.

Now dry and roast all the ingredients separately till get smell the ingredient. Remove them from the flame & grind them together. Make enough of this mixture for week and store it in a glass jar.

clove to lose weightHow to use it ?

Every morning add 1 tbs of this powder to ½ glass of water & allow it to come to regular boil. Remove it from the flame & allow it to stand so it cools to drinkable temperature. Add 1 tbsp of honey to this mixture and have it on an empty stomach, every morning. With proper diet limitations & regular exercise, you should be able to see changes in the weight.

Other clever uses of clove

The below explained are other more clever benefits of clove.

Congestion RX

Tea that includes cloves can assist you to beat a respiratory infection. It is one of the miracle benefits whether you believe it or not. Cloves act as an expectorant, loosening phlegm in a throat & esophagus so one can cough it up.

Combine two cloves, a medium sized stick of cinnamon, & two crushed cardamom seeds; place in the large mug with the black tea bag. Combine boiling water & allow steep for 1 – 2 minutes.

All-natural fragrance

To give the clothes an intoxicating aroma and sweeten up dry spots like the basement, toss a few cloves in the back of an old clean sock & tie with a ribbon.

The spicy smell covers up odors & keeps the stuff smelling fresh. Swap out the cloves each 2 -4 weeks, so the smell stays at its sweet & spicy peak.

Breakout Buster

Say goodbye to blemishes by using cloves. The spice stimulates clear acne, thanks to eugenol present in clove, which is a natural antiseptic that balances the skin, preventing future breakouts.

Combine one tsp of ground cloves, one tsp of honey, & three drops of fresh lemon juice in the small bowl.

Practice to the whole face & leave on for 20 seconds, then wash with cold water for clear skin.

Word of caution:

Do not add more than 1 tps of the mixture to water in an effort to hasten the weight loss process. Too much of this mixture will increase the pitta levels in the body and causes adverse effects. This is home remedy, please consult the doctor before try any of these remedies.

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