Health benefits of mango or amchur powder

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powder

Amchur, in a simple word, is dried mango powder. Here are few health benefits of Mango or amchur powder.

Mangoes are only found during summer months but people have discovered the several ways in which mango can be consumed. Mangoes are generally stored and pickled. Some also like to make powder. Like, just said, fresh mango powder is also known as amchur. Fresh powder is usually bright the green in colour. Some of them can also be brownish.

How to make mango powder?

Green mangoes are peeled off at first. After this they are cut into several sizes. The slices are then dried under sun till they are completely dry. Now it will be packed, manufactured and sent for the market sales. Frequently dried mango slices are sold too. Sometimes the slices have been seasoned with the turmeric powder. This helps in preparation and storage. Turmeric also prevents the pest attacks and insects.

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powderUses of Mango powder

Amchur or mango powder has several uses in cooking world. It is used to add more and more flavour to curries, chutneys, soups and marinades. The dried slices add more taste to dishes. Fish and chicken dishes are also boosts with the help of amchur or mango powder. It has tenderising the qualities, similar to lime and lemon juice.

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powder

Aids in the digestion

Amchur or mango powder fight against acidity and aids in the process of digestion. It fights constipation and flatulence and make certain timely bowel movement. It is best to consume amchur or mango powder regularly to increase the digestive tract and overall health.

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powderHelps in weight loss

Amchur or mango powder is great for the weight loss too. It contains the antioxidants that enhance the metabolism and help in losing weight fast. It is also low in carbohydrates, which makes it an excellent ingredient for the weight loss programmes.

Improves the vision

Amchur or mango powder can also be used for improving the vision. Add amchur or mango powder to the dishes, it helps in increasing the clarity and prevent eye disorders and cascades.

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powder

Prevents from cancer

Amchur or mango powder will also protect the body from life-threatening diseases like cancer. It contains Vitamin C in a large quantity. It treats scurvy efficiently and helps to recover fast. Mix some gut with amchur or mango powder and consume it daily. Make sure are taking this, first thing in morning.

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powderPromotes the healthy skin

Surprisingly, amchur or mango powder can also enhance the texture of the skin. It cleanses the pores, removes dirt, oil and pollution leaving the skin healthy, young and beautiful.

Protects heart

Amchur or mango powder also takes care of the heart. It improves the cardiovascular health, fights heart attacks and prevents from heart failures or other diseases related to the heart health.

A lot of benefits of amchur are listed, try and include amchur in your regular diet to reap these benefits. Mango powder is a unique mix of the flavours is what makes Indian cooking popular. A dish that uses Amchur or mango powder tastes heavenly. One must try this at home.

Health benefits of Mango powder or amchur powder


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