6 Traditional skin care Myths Busted

    6 Traditional skin care Myths Busted

    When it comes to the skin, women are always a little bit cautious. It is one reason you start believing all the myths related to the skin care and hygiene or cleanliness. Although, not all the things that you heard about the skincare is true, like eating chocolates & fried foods are not going to harm the skin in a big way, as you think it would. Here bust some skin care myths that you had believed for years without evaluating the truth. The following are

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    Myth 1: Make-up is not good for the skin

    Right now if we tell you makeup is good for the skin, this does not mean you sleep with the makeup or paint yourself red with the blush 24/7. Though, avoiding makeup to keep the skin safe is not mandatory. In fact, good quality make-up that has protected with vitamins, essential oils, moisturizer, & sunscreens prevents the skin safe from harsh UV rays & keeps it hydrated. So, if you want to apply make-up, go ahead & allow to enjoy. Just make sure to use the products after doing the patch test & wash it before going to bed. Also, avoid these beauty mistakes that tend to the early aging of the skin.

    Myth 2: Acne will go away on its own

    This myth is common among teenagers & young adults who believe that stop from eating chocolates fried foods, or by not applying any moisturizer or creams will make acne on its own. In most of the cases, acne outbreaks are hormonal & settle soon. But in acute situations like cyst-filled & blood clot acne, it would require medical attention. Also, while diet plays a vital role in the skincare, it is the lack of vitamins & minerals in the food to should worry about, rather than the occasional pampering. Ignoring the acne altogether could also tend to damages to your skin that can be immutable. You may like Six solutions to treat smelly hair

    Busting 6 skin care myths you always believed in

    Myth 3: Organic products or Herbal is good for skin

    Remember that every product has chemicals in some form or the other. So prefer products carefully, only if it complies with the skin type (take the advice from a dermatologist if needed). Everything organic or herbal is not always good for the skin. On the other hand, chemicals present in the standard beauty products are not always unreliable for the skin.

    Myth 4: Threading or shaving increases facial hair growth in women

    Facial hair growth has typically triggered by the hormonal imbalances that could be either due to drug misuse or other physiological conditions like dysfunctional thyroid, menopause, etc. Threading or shaving does not raise or reduce the facial hair growth. In fact that, it could be one of the most inexpensive methods to get rid of facial hair. Though, a more efficient way would be to go for a diode laser treatment for a permanent solution.

    6 Traditional skin care Myths Busted

    Traditional and Modern Beauty Myths Busted

    Myth 5: Facials are best for the skin rejuvenation

    It is only partially true. In the case of acne prone skin, facials can worsen acne due to excitation of oil glands. Cleanups under the supervision of the dermatologist are better as they are customized and double up as a treatment process.

    Myth 6: Anti-aging creams can prevent wrinkles

    Remember they do not work like Botox (a drug prepared from botulin) so stop deceiving yourself, there are no creams that can prevent wrinkles. Though, following a proper skin care regimen and proper diet, can delay its onset. You may like to read  Is olive oil good for skin

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