Home Remedies to Treat Common Winter Ailments

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The cold and muggy weather boosts the risk of a cold, cough & dry skin. Before you plan to consult the doctor for these & other normal winter conditions, try these simple & efficient natural remedies.

Most common home remedies for winter ailments

Haldi doodh for a sore throat:

Combine half a teaspoon of the turmeric powder & a pinch of black pepper powder to the cup of boiling milk & drink it twice per day. The anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric provide support from a sore throat.

Ginger tea for a headache:

The volatile oils in the ginger act as potent painkillers & assist you to beat a headache. All you require to do is unite a crushed piece of ginger & some tea leaves in the cup of boiling water & drink it warm to reduce a headache.

Fennel seeds for indigestion:

During winters, the capability to digest food decreases & this is the reason most of the people suffer from indigestion. Though, chewing few fennel seeds after meals or drinking the glass of warm fennel seed decoction through the day helps in digestion.

Home remedies to treat common winter ailments

Natural remedies for winter ailments

Camphor for joint pain:

Combine one big piece of camphor in the cup of hot coconut oil & allow it melt. Use this oil on the joints regular to lessen swelling & reduce joint pain. Camphor also uses cooling effect & reduces irritation & muscle aches along with increasing the blood circulation.

Mishri for a cough:

Generally utilized in the Ayurvedic preparations, mishri clears a cough by loosening the mucus & eases a sore throat. For powerful results, place the piece of mishri in the mouth & enable it to melt (shouldn’t chew). One can take it twice per day.

Aloe vera for dry/itchy skin:

The sudden drop in the temperature & humidity at the time of winters might point to the dry & itchy skin. To deal with itchy skin or dry skin, apply aloe vera gel on the afflicted area to diminish the skin irritation. It is moisturizing & anti-inflammatory characteristics do the method

Steam inhaling for the blocked nose:

Add few drops of eucalyptus oil to a container of boiling water & inhale that steam. The steam moistens the nasal passage & ejects phlegm alleviating nasal congestion. Do this two times per day.

Onion seeds for asthma:

According to the study published in the Journal Phytomedicine, onion seeds contain thymoquinone, a composite that overwhelms asthmatic symptoms. Squash few seeds & mix it with water or milk & drink it regularly.

Hot compress for ear pain:

Ear pain caused due to throat & cold infections can be efficiently dealt with hot fomentation. To do this, soak a hand towel in hot water, clutch out plenty of water & place it over the ear.

Tulsi concoction for sinusitis:

A solution made with

  • Tulsi leaves 12,
  • black pepper: 11,
  • Mishri: 20 gms,
  • Ginger: 2 gms  :
  • Water: 1 glass

Boil it till half a glass of water remains in the vessel.  Works miracle in fighting sinusitis. The anti-inflammatory & medicinal features of this juice provide useful results. Think these Winter Ailments Natural Cure will be very helpful to cure simple ailments during this winter. You may like to read turmeric milk benefits.

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