6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet


We all want to flaunt a firm and toned body, but often do not know what to eat to maintain that body! Men like to build muscles but are in the dark on what helps them do so! Read on to know what you should include in your diet that will help you build the muscle in your body. 6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet.

Back in the old days, conventional wisdom was that building a healthy body was very hard work – you had to put in hours and hours of back breaking work at your neighborhood gym. However, today you will be surprised at how easy it is to do. The first step to a muscled body is to have an appropriate diet supporting your muscle building activity. We provide here today – some ideas on what kinds of inputs such a diet should contain.

6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet
6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet

6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet


Fish are excellent for muscle building because they supply with a significant quantity of protein. In addition to their protein content, they also supply the body with very good fatty acids such as Omega-3 that assist in muscle building.


Beef is very good for muscle building as it has a number of vital foods and minerals that foster muscle building – viz., iron, Vitamin B, good amino acids and – perhaps most significantly – creatine. Thus, if you can convert your occasional preference for beef – into incorporating beef into your daily diet – this will greatly assist with your muscle building too.

Turkey or Chicken

Meat like chicken or turkey offer very good protein with negligible fat and unnecessary food mass – hence these are often called lean meats. Both turkey and chicken are good options for you to incorporate into your daily diet should you wish to embark on muscle building. However, if you have a choice, do not that turkey meat has a greater percentage of the good stuff and a lower percentage of the bad or unwanted food. Of course, meats like chicken and turkey are a no brainer for most people that want to build their muscles. This is because most people already, some form of this meat at least two or three times a week in any event, if not daily. Hence – eating a greater proportion of these meats is a no brainer and should be very easy to do.

6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet

Whey Protein

A lot of health food experts and advisers recommend consuming whey protein. This is a by-product of the dairy industry – and is available in plenty. The real utility of this food was frequently questioned by certain quarters of the medical and scientific community. However, today, it is agreed that enough evidence is indeed available to indicate that whey protein is certainly useful for building muscle. It is also frequently recommended as a food supplement by most gymnasiums and trainers. Again, this food is rich in proteins and certainly helps with the building of muscle in the body.

Egg White

It’s funny how – when surveys different recommended diets for bodybuilding, the one diet that is common to all (and is frequently assigned one of the highest importance) – are egg whites. The reason that egg whites figure so frequently and importantly on most bodybuilding diet lists is because of the magnificent portion of protein you will get by consuming egg whites. What’s more, egg whites contain protein in almost a very pure form – with very little other unnecessary food mass. All of this has made egg whites, one of the most often recommended components of a diet with muscle building as its objective.


Water is an obvious choice. This is because water is already 70% of your body mass. Hence, if you would like to increase your body mass (logic says) – then you should also proportionately increase the volume you consume. Water is essential for a number of different reasons: to increase body mass, to keep the body hydrated and supplied with nutrients, to keep up the production and circulation of blood (to supply nutrients through the blood supply). Thus, water becomes a critical input for anyone wanting to build muscle. Some experts even recommend drinking as much as 9 to 11 liters of water a day for those that want to build their muscles.

As you can tell, our knowledge regarding the most suitable and best diets for bodybuilding has come a long way. So – if you fancy having one of those muscular and neatly toned bodies, what’s stopping you now from going ahead and getting it? After all – you know now what kinds of diets you will need to have daily to achieve this dream.

The above are the 6 Meals For Your Bodybuilding Diet


  1. Why does everybody want bigger muscles? Isn’t it a rather interesting question? Of course such reason is considerably subjective I should say, but I think it is more of becoming that Alpha Male kinda thing. I mean SIZE really does MATTER.

    Since I started weight training, I have always had this motto of my own: The more you know, the more you grow. If you really want to add muscle mass.

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