Top 10 summer parenting tips to keep kids healthy and safe

Top 10 summer parenting tips to keep kids healthy and safe
Tips to Keep Kids Healthy and Safe

Summer is close by or rather arrived and naturally summer parenting tips are needed to ensure the safety of children from the scorching heat. Kids need to be well protected from the harsh sun rays of summer.

Parents need to apply caution and it is good to follow certain practices to ensure children are safe from the heat.

Tips to protect children from harsh sun-rays:

1. Keep an eye on the child from Drowning:

* Water safety is important and crucial. Whether having a pool in one’s backyard or visiting a community pool, actively supervising the children at all times when they happen to be in or around water.
* Ensuring parents have the right equipment to keep pools safe. After all, it only takes seconds for drowning to occur.

2. Look for Signs of Heat Exhaustion:

* Heat stroke can indeed be life-threatening for children. Prior to heat stroke, kids may show milder symptoms like heat cramps and heat exhaustion.
* Encouraging children to take water breaks and wear lightweight clothing when playing outside is essential. Learning how to recognize the signs of heat stroke is also necessary.

Top 10 summer parenting tips to keep kids healthy and safe
Protect Children from Harsh Sun-Rays

3. Checking for Car Safety:

* Prior to taking off to the road on a family vacation, it is very important to properly fit the child’s car seat.
* Never leave a child unattended in one’s car. The temperature inside a car can rather rise quickly, and just a few minutes can indeed make a life-or-death difference.

4. Protecting Skin from the Sun:

Apply sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher whenever the child is outdoors. Reapply every three hours or perhaps immediately after water exposure.

Top 10 summer parenting tips to keep kids healthy and safe
Protecting Skin from the Sun

* Consider dressing children in rather sun-protective clothing and also avoid outdoor activities during peak sunshine hours.




5. Avoid Bug Bites:
* As bugs do become more active, apply insect repellent prior to spending time outdoors.
* Also, avoid making use of heavily scented soaps or lotions, and cover arms and legs as much as possible.

6. Enjoy Fireworks Safely:
* While celebrating summer holidays, be also cautious with fireworks. Read instructions carefully and try never to let young children touch or light fireworks.
* Many people are treated in emergency departments each year due to fireworks injuries, and nearly a third of them happen to be children under 15.

7. Stay Hydrated:

* Water is essential of course during warm weather. Encouraging kids to drink water regularly, especially before major activities or play-dates.
* Avoid soda, energy drinks, and also fruit juices, which can worsen dehydration.

8. Protect kid’s skin – Sunburn is the scourge of summer, and kids are especially susceptible. It is important that the parent lathers the child with sunscreen before he or she goes outdoors. Sunscreen is not recommended for babies who are under six months, and who need to always be kept out of direct sunlight. Keep the baby well protected from the sun by dressing him or her in lightweight clothing and sun hats, and using umbrellas for shade.
9. Maintain Healthy eating habits: Avoid junk foods like sodas and ice cream. Health foods are good and are full of vitamins and essential nutrients.
10. Ride safely: Bike safety needs to be practiced with a properly fitted bike and the child should wear a proper helmet. Summertime children like to be outdoors and summer tips need to be followed to ensure their safety.

Conclusion :

Summer is a fun time and adventure for children, but safety needs to be ensured too! By adhering to common-sense safety precautions, the child can be safe and thus enjoy the summer, without parents worrying about them outdoors. Follow the summer tips mentioned above.


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