5 Yoga Asanas to Help Reduce Gastric Problems

5 Yoga Asanas to Help Reduce Gastric Problems

Yoga for gastric problems cannot be simply ignored as yoga for gastritis and acidity is very beneficial for health. People all across the world do yoga to ensure good health.

It is a known fact that the digestion process is indeed very complex. There are several enzymes to be thought of which help in the proper digestion of food. Gas happens to be part of this digestion process only. But it does cause problems when it is not passed out. Gastric problems might appear minor o start with, but if it persists then, they can become serious. There is yoga for gastric problems.

On account of gastric problems, a person may feel heaviness and cramps in the stomach. Gas can also cause heartburn, headaches, chest pain, indigestion, and so forth. People at the critical stage suffer from problems such as vomiting, consistent hiccups, burning chest, nausea, and other stomach-related problems. Gastric problems do reduce the appetite of the sufferer, thus causing weakness and fatigue in the body. Sometimes, the sufferer might experience trouble breathing also.

Usually, highly acidic food items cause gastric troubles. Some foods that tend to trigger gastric problems such as acidity are milk and dairy products, bananas, beans, onions, peas, artificial sweeteners, fried food, oily stuff, etc. Triggers can indeed vary from person to person. People can think of yoga for gastritis and acidity.

Several medicines can indeed help to cure gastric problems but then some people do prefer to treat this problem naturally. Yoga helps treat the gastric problem.

1. Makarasana

It is simple to pose for relief. On a yoga mat lie down with the body fully stretched. Make sure the stomach touches the ground. Now Cros the arms in from of the face. Te hands need to be placed in a manner as though the person is thinking. Keep the palms on the cheek and let the elbows rest on the floor. Now concentrate on breathing. This posture will relax the body and provide relief.

2. Vajrasana

This is easy to do. It makes the digestive system strong and smooth. It helps get rid of gastric problems. Sit on the mat. Legs need to be folded backward under the buttocks. Pain may be felt and numbness in one’s feet. Relax the legs for a while and again continue the process. This pose is beneficial for the stomach.

3. Paschimottanasana

This pose is tough, but beneficial for the stomach. It might be difficult to touch the feet with the hands. But regular practice will enable to do so. Sit on the yoga mat with legs fully stretched in front. Now, slowly lean forward and try to touch the feet with hands or forehead on the knees. Focus on breathing. Take a deep breath and slowly let it out remaining in the leaning position. This posture stimulates the stomach muscles and gets rid of tension and stress that a person experiences during digestion.

5 Yoga Asanas to Help Reduce Gastric Problems

4. Balasana

Fold the legs under from knees and sit on the heels with knees apart. Inhale deeply while stretching the arms above the head. Then lean forward and try to touch the floor with your forehead. Then breathe out. The chest needs to be touching the knees. Try to stay in this posture for a minute or as comfortable to yourself. This helps relax the stomach muscle and gives the digestive system to work smoothly.

5. Uttanasana

The person has to stand with legs apart and loosen up the body. By Bending forward with legs stretched and straight, the person has to touch the feet with hands or forehead on one’s knees. It may not be so easy for beginners but with regular practice, wit will become easy. It helps cure gastric problems.

There are more asanas to follow to get rid of gastric problems. Thus, yoga is very beneficial to treat this health issue. If the problem persists then it is better to consult the doctor.

Thus, yoga for gastric problems can help cope up with the health issue.

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