5 Key Steps to a Healthy Mind


Mind influences one’s body and soul and it is important to keep it healthy at all times.

There are several kinds of factors that do affect health as well as and happiness including nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, stress, family and career and a healthy mind is one of them.

What does one think?

Thoughts keep entering one’s mind off and on. One observes reality based on them and also reacts accordingly and feels as well.

Thoughts can also become very habitual and several people have been conditioned at an early age to have negative thought patterns. Those negative thought patterns do get stuck in the subconscious mind and can also literally shape up and one can react to one’s environment. The good news that is welcomed is that habits are also meant to be broken and it is also very possible to take control of one’s thoughts and also make them work for one as opposed to working against one.

Here are five key steps that do help in changing one’s thoughts patterns, and increases the health of one’s mind as well as create a more balanced cum positive outlook on life.

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1. Create the Intention

Changing negative habits and also creating new positive habits is indeed a fairly simple process but not an easy process and does take a commitment. It is important that one can make the decision and be clear about one’s intention in order to create a change.

Think the thought and then write it down as well as also say it out loud. In this manner, one makes a commitment to oneself in order to accomplish one’s goal and thus be able to create a healthier mental state.

2. Be Conscious of Your Thoughts

Since thoughts are considered to be habitual and it can be rather difficult at first to consciously become aware of every thought that does pass through one’s head. Before one tries to change them for the better one must become aware of exactly what one is actually thinking about.

One must make it a priority to in fact take notice of what thoughts actually pass through one’s head as the day passes. One must take note of thoughts about other people and about various situations. Take note of what thoughts come up as you are dealing with different people and situations. Take care that one does not judge one’s thoughts. One must be simply aware of them.

3. Make the Switch

Now that one becomes aware of one’s thinking patterns one can then begin to change them. One has the capability to choose what we think and you have the power to change a negative thought into rather a positive one.

When one’s notices a negative or non-affirming thought in one’s head one consciously decides to change it. Do not worry if at first, you do not believe in new positive thought as in due course it will change. By switching from one’s negative thought to positive ones, then one can change the pattern of negative thinking. One will be able to create positive energy within oneself rather than be negative about it. This method can be simple but not all that easy, but it works very well. It is a matter of sticking with it one hundred percent of the time. After a period of time, your negative thought patterns will no longer have the power to affect or limit any aspect of your life including your emotions. Your new positive thought patterns will send out a different energy and create a more positive way of being which will, in turn, attract new positive energy to your life.

Over a period of time with required practice, one will observe that when a negative thought does pop up then one will habitually switch it immediately to a positive one. Then before one knows the negativity disappears and it will get replaced with a positive and a rather self-affirming way of being.

4. Positive Brain Frequencies

Once one begins to practice the first three steps one can also begin to work directly with one’s brain frequencies. The brain is also constantly emitting very specific based frequency waves that do influence how one actually feels and acts. One can work with one’s brainwaves through meditation or even by making use of an external stimulus such as brainwave audios.

By meditating or making use of brainwave audios such as binaural beats one is able to bypass the conscious mind and also work directly with the subconscious mind. In this way, one can make huge progress by tuning the brain to a specific frequency that does help with stress, anxiety and also overall well being. A combination of these thoughts does change the patterns and also the energy of positive thinking at a far quicker rate.

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5. Take Time to Enjoy

Practicing positive thinking does not imply that one will never again have a negative thought. However, it does indicate that one will have the conscious awareness to change the negative to rather positive and also allow that positive energy to shape one’s life as opposed to actually being influenced by too many negative thoughts.


One has made this attitude change one will have a healthy mind and can enjoy life. One has taken steps to create a healthy mind and lead a healthy life.

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